Fantasy Football Captain Picks

The Captain’s Picks article, which will be released every Wednesday, will endeavor to sort out one of the most challenging problems FPL managers face – namely pick the member of your side who will accrue the most points and earn huge double point tallies for your fantasy team. We will concentrate on the most obvious looking selections each particular game-week and have a look at some comparable stats to see who, on paper, the best options are.

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 7

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 7 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15 An ageing board of directors, a squad in decline, and a deep laceration – all situations that require fresh blood. Not so with the Captains Picks articles though, where Chins and Bellies, Bryan Munich and The Gallant Pioneer have been doing us all proud up until this point, so quite what I’m doing here remains to be seen; I suspect I’ve been drafted in to make them look even better by comparison. Now, in all the furore of weekly transfers and unused wildcards being mulled over, the captain choice is very often overlooked until the last moment. How often do we see cries of panic on the boards and on twitter between 11.00 and 11.30 in the AM on a Saturday morning asking whether so and so has m...[Read More]

Captains Picks Gameweek 6

Captain’s Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 6 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15 We’ve all been there. “If only there were two of me.” Your multiple selves could alternate going to work or if you’re workaholics get a job each and rake in twice the pay. You could step out onto the tennis court and practice both your serve and return in the same exchange. Heck, you could even become the next Proclaimers. With so many benefits, is it any wonder Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection? Last week two FPL bosses, we’ll call them Joe and Joel to avoid confusion, were locked in a Banterbury H2H battle. Joe was riding a wave of euphoria after bagging Jamie Vardy’s 21 points. He’d surged up the global rankings and life was good. Sipping on a c...[Read More]

Captains Picks Gameweek 5

Fantasy Football Captains Picks Gameweek 5 23.93%. That’s almost a quarter. (Grade A, GCSE Maths.) That’s how many voters in last week’s FF247 poll said they planned to captain Raheem Sterling. And that’s without including the 8 jokers that “said” they were going to captain Dwight Gayle. If we extrapolate that % out across the entire FPL population, that’s a whopping 773,435 people trusting the armband to young Raheem. That’s roughly the same number of people that live in Leeds, Marseille, Hamamatsu (Japan – for Bry), or my very own Fort Worth, TX. Or to put it another way, that’s the minimum number of Christmas cards that Brendan Rodgers won’t be receiving this year. 2 measly points. Two. From a captain. Pathetic. Anyway. Let’s pretend for a moment that not everyone will be captaining Cos...[Read More]

Captains Picks Gameweek 4

Fantasy Football Captains Picks Gameweek 4 When asked by the FF247 beaks if I would like to help out with the captains article, without a moments hesitation I said ‘yes’. Then a few minutes later I thought… I HATE the captain rule. Absolutely essential to the game I admit and I would never want to see it taken away but are you like me? Do you see the ‘Team of the Week’ being boosted by a relegation-haunted reserve centre back with a captain’s armband on, who has just scored the first two goals in his career and kept a clean sheet against the strongest team in the league and some guy down in 3 quillionth place rises a zillion places because of it? And you think? How? How can you possibly have captained him? Just me? OK let’s go…

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 3

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 3 GW2 was a great reminder how important your Captain selection is. Those who went with Costa, Hazard or Ramsey were well rewarded, whilst those who went with Rooney or the returning RvP were let down by a lacklustre performance and their gameweek suffered as a result. This week presents us with some tough decisions – with Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and United all playing away and with Everton and Spurs hosting two of the aforementioned, we are left with Manchester City who appear to have the standout fixture as they host Stoke at The Etihad. The problem lies with the fact that many teams do not own any City players, at the time of writing, due to their opening tough looking fixtures. So will you be bringing in a City player for this week? May...[Read More]

Captain’s Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 2

Captain’s Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 2 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15 Kirk, Sparrow, Hook, America, Birdseye. These are the men that can save a ship from running aground; steer its vessel towards horizons anew; inspire a motley crew to achieve the unthinkable; and in the lattermost case, serve up a mean plate of fish fingers. Yes. These are a unique and versatile breed; the most valuable member on their craft. the difference between a visit to the poop deck and a… (Editor: Look, we know where you’re going with this analogy, just cut to the punchline.) These are all, of course, inspirational captains. So who will you trust to take the helm of your team this gameweek?

Captain’s Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 1

Captain’s Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 1 Hi all. Following on from Peaky Dave’s fantastic article on “Choosing a Fantasy Football captain”, what better thing to do than, erm… pick our Fantasy Football Captain! With not a lot to go on form wise other than a few pre-season games and what we already know from last season and what we know about a few of the imports (everything), here’s our take on who we think your options are for this week and how we think they may fare.  No doubt as the season unfolds, we’ll start to see who’s hot and who’s not. Don’t forget to cast your vote in the poll below as we need to know how you feel collectively. For now though, let’s review the shortlist for this weekend…

Choosing a Fantasy Football Captain!

Choosing a Fantasy Football Captain! Is there an art to choosing a captain? Picture the scene… Its 11:20am Saturday morning and all is not well! The kids are buckled up in the car, the wife is stood at the front door jangling the car keys in your direction, her arms are folded and a single stream of muffled gibberish is filling the air. The dog sits, whimpering at your feet as you are sat in front of the computer sweating profusely, it senses your despair. Its decision time – Lukaku-Walcott, Walcott-Lukaku, or maybe Baines?? Sound familiar?? It’s a simple enough question and one we all face every week, the outcome of which though will have far-reaching implications. Your demeanour for the whole weekend, nay your demeanour for the whole WEEK is to be set with just a few simple t...[Read More]

Captains Picks Game-week 38

WoW!! This is the end, hard to believe we have gone through the whole season already. Whether you feel your ranking is worthy of celebration or you plan to hide for the summer in shame, I thank you for spending your time with us. It has been a pleasure writing for this site and a bigger one interacting with this ever growing community. FPL can be fun, but can also be a grind, particularly in those bad game-weeks when we feel like flushing our teams down the toilet. It certainly helps to have a whole host of members we can consider friends to help laugh off the frustration of another genius decision gone wrong. I hope that we have helped you along the way and we have made you laugh a little. So Raise your Glass! We have made it to the finish line and now it is time to sit back and relax for...[Read More]

Captain’s Picks Double Game-week 37

Captain’s Picks Double Game-week 37 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League So here I sit thinking of what to write. The Mrs is pumping some girly music in the background and has Titanic on the tube. This I promise you though, none of that feminine crap will affect this article as I start Rolling in the Deep and look at the options for Capo. With it so near the end of the season, getting this captaincy right could prove to be better than running naked in a rainstorm, not that I ever have. It seems Rooney is the top candidate for this game-week, but if you are like me then you change your mind like a girl changes clothes. That being the case we must address other possibilities for those that can’t put a ring on it (commit) and suffer from a permanent state of second-guessingness. So let...[Read More]

Captains Picks Game-week 36

Captains Picks Game-week 36 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League A short time ago in an FPL galaxy very close by… there was a 3 day period of great doubt. Different captaincy options started to appear, threatening to break the stranglehold that the Dark side had over our minds. Could it be possible that a brave bunch of rebel managers would dare take on the Galactic Empire? Perhaps seeing an opportunity to break free from the chains that bound them a la Leia to Jabba, many would now seek to challenge authority sensing vulnerability. While the lord of the Siths, Darth Suarez has to deal with the Chelsea defence; we see his apprentice, Darth Kun (Sith rule of Two, obviously) take on Pulis and his Palace side. Is it time for Wayne Skywalker or even Yoda Mata to step up? Or is there ano...[Read More]

Captains Picks Game-week 35

Captains Picks Game-week 35 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Well, well, well, it looks like my old nemesis Luis Suarez and I meet again. There is probably no bigger detriment to my continued employment than the Uruguayan. While all managers have fantasies about Luis running wild (not streaking I hope) I am left stricken with nightmares. Nothing makes a Captaincy article writer sicker than a Suarez hat-trick. He dares us to look somewhere else and when we do he punishes us in a very inhumane way. Nevertheless there are other options and while it takes all the FPL courage you can muster or simply being nuts to pick someone else, we can always look to wine & dine lady luck and ask her to not let the Big Bad Wolf eat us alive. Simply said, “I need a Hero” Where have all the goo...[Read More]

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