Fantasy Football Captain Picks

The Captain’s Picks article, which will be released every Wednesday, will endeavor to sort out one of the most challenging problems FPL managers face – namely pick the member of your side who will accrue the most points and earn huge double point tallies for your fantasy team. We will concentrate on the most obvious looking selections each particular game-week and have a look at some comparable stats to see who, on paper, the best options are.

Captain’s Picks Game-week 26

Captain’s Picks Game-week 26 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League There is little doubt who the star of GW25 was and those managers who captained Eden Hazard reaped the benefits of a massive 42 point captain haul from the little Belgian. His hat-trick fired Chelsea to the top of the league due to a couple of poor results from their main rivals Arsenal and Man City. Arsenal were royally spanked at Anfield while City spluttered to a goalless draw at Carrow Road where they were expected to get themselves back on track but failed to do so. While last weeks captaincy split opinion with so many seemingly outstanding candidates, this week sees a much smaller pool of talent to choose from or so the fixtures would suggest. Let’s take a look at who we feel are the main candidates ...[Read More]

Captain Picks Gameweek 25

Captain Picks Game-week 25 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Last week was a bit of a disappointment as far as captains were concerned. Suarez managed an assist, Sturridge, Giroud and RvP just a goal each, while other big hitters like Hazard, Adebayor and the City crew all came up with nothing. In fact none of the usual suspects had anything much to write home about and you would have been better off with an Ivanovic, Nolan, Adam, Chamberlain or a Lambert. But let’s face it these weeks happen now and again and you really would have been a brave manager to have taken a punt on one of that lot. We are hoping for much better this week though from the chosen few with a few teams having some really nice fixtures for their main men to get their teeth into. Lets take a look at who...[Read More]

Captains Picks Game-week 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Captains Picks Game-week 24 We wondered earlier in the week if any other players could put up a reasonable case for fantasy managers to go against Luis Suarez or Sergio Aguero for the captaincy. Well Suarez did his bit on Tuesday and Aguero was looking like joining him also until he was cruelly struck down with an injury that meant he did not have the chance to indulge himself further in another City goal-fest, having already opened the scoring himself. With Chelsea stuttering at home to a ’19th Century team’ and Arsenal just about dipping over the line for a point it was Suarez once more then that shone, despite only grabbing the one goal in Liverpool’s ruthless demolition of arch rivals Everton. Over at Old Trafford a couple of old favourites once more raised their ugly...[Read More]

Captains Picks Gameweek 23 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Captains Picks Game-week 23 FPL Fantasy Premier League GW23 Captaincy selection gives some interesting alternatives to the normal “big two”, Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero. While the aforementioned are decent options in any week, as they have proved to be fixture-proof, there are some attractive looking fixtures for other in-form players, which may reward FPL managers who are prepared to look outside of the box and risk not going with the two outstanding strikers of the division. So let’s have a look at the options in store for us this midweek GW23.

Captains Picks Gameweek 22 FPL Fantasy Premier League

As we look through the best candidates for your captain choice for GW22, for many of you, there will already be just one name on your mind and it may well be that he already has the armband in your team selection page. That name of course is Luis Suarez, who in game GW21 produced another double digit return for his merry band of followers. With Liverpool at home to Villa this weekend, he is, of course, the standout option and his record this season speaks for itself and has already been well documented most weeks in this very article. There will be those managers, however, that will be looking for the differential and who also recognise that Suarez is not always the week’s highest scoring player – even last week Adam Johnson scored a massive 22pts, courtesy of a hat-trick and a...[Read More]

Captains Picks Gameweek 21 FPL Fantasy Premier League

This game-week’s captaincy choice promises to be an interesting and maybe even problematic conundrum. With injuries to popular candidates Sergio Aguero, RvP and now also Theo Walcott, as well as an ongoing groin problem for Wayne Rooney, there will be some difficult decisions to be made this week. In most cases, the default option for the majority of managers would probably be to hand the armband to Luis Suarez, but we feel there are a number of interesting and viable alternatives to the Liverpool striker. While there are usually just three or four viable candidates for captain in any given week, the fixtures and form of many mean that there are many routes you could take this week and the chances are you will have plenty of  the following in your team already. Let’s have a look at who we ...[Read More]

Captain Picks Gameweek 17 FPL Fantasy Premier League

With a plethora of attacking talent on show in the Barclays Premier League as of late, we are going to analyse our Captain’s Picks decisions based upon multiple values – these are the attacking effectiveness of their team, the defensive effectiveness of their opposition and the attacking players own shooting data. Throughout this article graphs are used to help show the principles behind our Captain’s Picks. We have described in detail how the values shown in these graphs are calculated in the previous week’s article, but they can also be found at the bottom of this article for reference. A new feature this week is the colour coding of the different teams and players. For the attacking graphs we have used Green for the most amount of goals scored, Red being the least amount and...[Read More]

Captain Picks Gameweek 15

Our GW15 Captain’s article focuses on three players, who all showed in midweek  just how valuable they are, not only to their clubs but also to us fantasy managers. Those players are: Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero and Eden Hazard. Each week we look at our captaincy suggestions using recent form, forthcoming fixtures and back up our thoughts by using a new in-play performance index called Kickdex. (more info on Kickdex is at the end of this article).

Captain Picks Gameweek 16

GW16 is fast approaching and it will soon be time for one of the biggest decisions of your fantasy week – who is the best Captain Pick for your team. Due to the continuing good form of a number of players the picks have become somewhat predictable as of late but don’t blame us, blame the players! We are working hard to try and find new ways to interpret our data for the most informative way of helping you make that crucial decision.

Captain Picks Gameweek 13

Welcome to our weekly Captain’s Picks article. Every week we will look to elucidate potential captains for the forthcoming games and give you our opinions on each, but also analyse their recent form to help make that crucial decision a little easier for you. We will do this by using a new in-play performance index called Kickdex. Kickdex Every player has a single Kickdex value that updates every time anything happens on the field of play. This number represents the player’s contribution to their team. E.g. Suarez 32.2 (-2.34%). The second number shows the percentage difference since their last match.

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