FPL Fantasy Football 2021/22

FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22

FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22 Are we back then? Sort of… We hope you are all enjoying the Euro’s and will continue to do so for a while longer yet. We haven’t rushed to re-launch FPL on here because we are conscious that the past two (?) seasons have been somewhat strange and hectic and we wanted everybody (the FF247 team & our readers) to have a good long break from it all to recharge those batteries and hopefully build up some enthusiasm for it all again. We are also aware that most people don’t exactly need pointing in the direction of the FPL site by now. The rules all look the same too and due to the Euro’s the transfer market has been a bit slow so there isn’t exactly a great deal to tell you about! As the Euro’s draw to a close though we kno...[Read More]

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