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FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22

FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22

FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22

Are we back then? Sort of…

We hope you are all enjoying the Euro’s and will continue to do so for a while longer yet. We haven’t rushed to re-launch FPL on here because we are conscious that the past two (?) seasons have been somewhat strange and hectic and we wanted everybody (the FF247 team & our readers) to have a good long break from it all to recharge those batteries and hopefully build up some enthusiasm for it all again.

We are also aware that most people don’t exactly need pointing in the direction of the FPL site by now. The rules all look the same too and due to the Euro’s the transfer market has been a bit slow so there isn’t exactly a great deal to tell you about!

As the Euro’s draw to a close though we know that folk will begin to gradually gravitate back towards FPL and until we get up and running with our usual pre-season articles we wanted to give you a space to post any RMT’s and general questions you may have. So here it is!

In terms of our own diary you can expect the usual analysis of the three promoted teams, a pre-season friendly hub to keep track of team sheets / results which is going live on Thursday and then our usual raft of Fixtures, Tips, Capos etc. Hopefully this season we will have the opportunity to post more of our usual articles on a weekly basis but that will depend on the fixture / TV schedule behaving a bit more as last season became ridiculous at points with multiple GW’s ending one day and the new one beginning the next. We did well to squeeze out as many as we did.

To kick us off / keep you ticking over with discussion and thoughts Smash took to the boards early doors to post his initial analysis of the new FPL player prices and so just in case you missed it we have decided to add it below as a starting point.

The Smash Analysis!

FPL has launched! For those that are interested I thought I’d list some of my initial thoughts. I’m bored of my full backs blanking in Euro FPL, an experiment I won’t be continuing in FPL.


Sanchez (4.5) is the stand out pick here. Brighton had one of the best defences and have a great start.

Dubravka and Guaita (4.5), both should pick up plenty of save points.

De Gea or Henderson at (5.0). Keep an eye on who is number one here as this is cheap for United defensive coverage.


TAA (7.5) and Robbo (7.0), both are great assets and Liverpool defence should be stronger. There are however loads of options for a cheaper price.

Dias (6), the glue in the City defence which is one of the best in the league. Set and forget and 1.5 cheaper than TAA.

Stones or Laporte (5.5). Same reasons as Dias but just cheaper depending on who gets the nod.

Digne (5.5). Everton have probably the best opening set of fixtures with him having a price drop. If James leaves he should be on most set pieces again. 8 assists last season.

Shaw (5.5) created the most chances for a defender last year and seems underpriced to me.

Fofana (4.5), very cheap entry into a decent Leicester defence.

Lamptey (4.5), very lively on the year maps last season and should have picked up more attacking returns.

Ayling (4.5), stats say should have got a lot more attacking returns and Leeds improved defensively.

Cresswell (5.5), most attacking returns for a defender last year and will be on all set pieces again.

Coufal (5), solid West Ham defence and great going forward.

White (4.5), looks set to go to Arsenal and cheap entry into their defence which for xGC is the 5th best last season.

Coady (4.5), solid nailed on starter in what still should be a decent Wolves defence.

Williams (4.0) Expected to go out on loan from United. Saints very interested.

Justin (5.0), not sure if he’s fit but was great going forward last season.

James (5.5) and Chilwell (6). I’d prefer Chilly as seems more nailed and more of a goal threat. Best defence in the league but do have a tricky set of fixtures to start with.


Salah (12.5) Great fixtures and just a consistent obvious captain pick most weeks.

Bruno (12) Most points in the league last season.

Son (10) Early doors seems to be overlooked. Fully rested over summer and could become the main man at Spurs if Kane goes. Also affordable if you go without TAA.

Grealish (8). Everything through Villa goes through and him presents great value.

Foden (8). Should be more nailed in City team now surely. Has one of the best sets of points per min ratio in the league.

Raphinha (6.5) I’m still laughing at the price of this one they have surely got it wrong, just so cheap.

Harrison (6). Also very cheap Leeds attacking coverage and outscored Raph last season. Double up could be worth it.

Smith-Rowe (5.5). Very cheap price to get the Arsenal number 10 and should build on strong end to last season.

Saka (6.5) is a bit more established and could be worth the extra cash.

Mahrez (9) When he plays he’s capable of monster hauls. Appears to be first choice wide man at City now.

Pepe (7.5) very strong end to last season maybe he will start to justify the 70 odd million they paid for him.

Mount (7.5) Nailed solid Chelsea coverage will tick over nicely.

Havertz (8.5) Slowly becoming the player we were expecting could be cheap Chelsea attacking coverage and will see a lot more mins this season as suffered badly from Covid last season.

Buendia (6.5) Created most chances in the Championship last season and 1.5 saving on Grealish.

Sarr (6) Soft start for Watford fixtures wise. On pens when Deeney not on pitch. Lots of goals and assists last season and has played in Premier League before.

Alli (6.5), very cheap if he plays under new manager at Spurs, which he should in theory do.

Benrahma (6) towards the end of last season started to show some form and could be a very cheap way into West Ham attack.

Jota (7.5) Will he play as Liverpool’s tried and trusted front three are still there but if he does, and form says he should, he could prove to be very cheap.

Mbuema (5.5) Could play up top with Toney and he got double figures in assists last season.


Kane (12.5) most assists and goals last season. Solid pick and you get what you pay for and he could end up at City.

Watkins (7.5) Grealish and Buendia creating for him and completely nailed.

DCL (8) Easiest set of fixtures for Everton. Form did tail off a bit and will depend on new manager for me.

Iheanacho (7.5) Became the main goal threat at Leicester and surely has done enough to start season. Daka coming in and Barnes could be threat to starting.

Toney (6.5) loads of goals in Championship and source of every attacking threat from Brentford.

Antonio (7.5) Capable of hauling if those hamstrings hold up. Great season at West Ham and should lead the line again.

Abraham (6.5) Should move on this summer a move to Brighton or West Ham and he could be a bargain as scores goals wherever he goes.

Jesus (8.5) Not impossible for him to lead line at City and they could give him another chance. Highest xG in league for a forward, when he plays .

Cavani (8.5) New contract and should lead line for United. Only one game a week at start remember and he can play that much.

Overpriced players

Sterling (11) Did not do much at City last season and not nailed.

Mane (12) Should have been less to make it an interesting decision over him or Salah.

Firmino (9) Dont need to expand.

KDB (12) Quality player obviously but 12 is a lot of money for someone unlikely on pens and does not score goals every week as is more about the assists.

Vardy (10.5) He’s 34 now and his open play goals really dried up last season.

Bamford (8) Just think there is better value from Harrison and Raph.

On the whole it does seem easier to pick a team this season as there’s loads of value about.

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The small print…
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  1. 7
    Otieno says:

    I’m thinking 4-3-3 with
    TAA – Dias – Maguire – Digne – (Fofana)
    Salah-Bruno-Raphino – (Gilmour Bissouma)
    Watkins – DCL – Toney

  2. 8
    GentleBenAKA says:

    Thanks Smash for this early analysis. Here is where I am currently:

  3. 9
    ODT says:

    Thanks Smash! Going to start tinkering with a squad. Also GO ENGLAND!

  4. 10
    AJW says:

    Ah – we can breathe easier now – FPL’s open for business!

    Thanks for this Smasheroo (and Innit too I assume). So, everyone’s favourite contributor finally gets to head us off into a new season! Good on you mate – you deserved the promotion. Loads of things you wrote I had thought about too (it’s a good sign that I’m starting to adopt some of your ideas!) – eg. the MUN goalies; the value in Mids & Strikers etc etc.

    Looking forward to a new beginning – the new prudent AJW who moves slowly, listens to advice, is less impetuous and who uses less points hits. Ah what the heck, it’s basically the FPL equivalent of New Year resolutions isn’t it?

    Anyhow fellas, thanks for starting the ball rolling and look forward to chatting to you all! smile
    AJW (from the French Outback smile )

  5. 11
    OddDane says:

    Let the tinkering begin..!

    • 11.1
      GentleBenAKA says:

      That is a points machine team. Nice. Be interesting to see how different it looks in 6 weeks!

    • 11.2
      Kralin says:

      Seeing that side made my heart lurch round in a drunken manner.

      It’s fair to say the only thought I’ve had so far is, I wonder if Doherty will get regular starts now his old gaffer is back in town. Then some embarrassing truth will emerge, like he signed for Athletico weeks ago, or he re-signed for Wolves, or he now works as an Amazon driver.

      Anyway, happy team-building. Mine is still at auto-complete, patiently waiting as ever for a good side to copy inspiration.

  6. 12
    Otieno says:

    My thoughts are currently between :

    4-3-3 with a 6.5 mid (Saka?) and 1 of 3 rotating 4.5 defenders (Lamptey, Ayling, Fofana) alongside Dias and TAA

    or a 4-3-3 stronger defence Digne, Shaw with bench Fofana and 4.5 mid

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