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Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 12

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 12

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 12

Everyone loves an out of position defenfder, especially so when he score two goals. And also keeps a ‘clean sheet’. Unless you don’t own him of course. In which case; everyone hates an out of position defender who….

‘Lundy’, as he’s affectionately known by his admirers (owners), or ‘FFS’, as he’s less afectionately known by his (now) suitors, probably did make or break many a GW. You’re either loving or hating this intro already, depending on which camp you were in. The worst camp to be in though was the one that owned him but benched him. And it’d be a bitter pill to swallow for sure but also leads nicely in to why we do a ‘Fixtures Analysis’ article at all;

Burnley average just 1 goal a game away from home, and concede almost twice as many as that on their travels. If you owned Lundy and didn’t play him in this one then when exactly where you planning to do so? Maybe you had ‘better’ alternatives, we get that, sometimes it happens, but it also leads on to this article nicely as we are going to look at the stats for the fixtures for GW12 and look at some probabilities.

Our usual Fixtures Analysis takes in the next 3 games but given that it is the International Break immediately after this one we thought we would do something a bit different and just look at GW12 in isolation. We are going to take a simple approach and look at which teams have the best match-ups in terms of both attacking and defensive potential for this week.

The subsequent rankings are based upon either goals scored or conceded but only either home or away depending on what is relevant to each team this week.

Who is most likely to score…
Very simple this, which teams have scored the most when they play either home or away.

1. Liverpool vs Man City
Liverpool have scored the most goals (14) of any team playing at home this week. Man City have scored the most goals (15) of any team playing away this week, in fact they rank 1st overall for any team playing either home or away this week and also 1st overall for goals scored with 34.

Liverpool have failed to keep a clean sheet at home this (league) season and their games average 3.8 goals (for both teams), the 4th highest in the league overall.

We’d like to think that this will equate to a goal-fest and the attacking numbers would certainly suggest so. However… we should note that whilst neither are particularly notorious for their iron clad defences they have both only conceded 5, home and away respectively. Or 1 a game. So it could just as easily be 4-4 as 1-1, just don’t expect any clean sheets.

2. Leicester vs Arsenal
Welcome to Unai Emery’s last game in charge of Arsenal. Perhaps. Leicester are ranked 3rd for most goals scored with 12 at home, they are also the 2nd highest scorers overall now with 27, behind only Man City. If Emery’s stock is waning Brendan’s is simply gathering pace. His record in Scotland may be overlooked somewhat because of the one horse race thing but regardless it still makes for stupendously good reading with a double Treble and going unbeaten in all domestic competitions in the 2016/17 season.

Leicester’s home games average 3 goals per match.

Arsenal have conceded 7 on the road which is about bang average but haven’t kept an away clean sheet since the opening day at Newcastle. In fact their defensive capabilities seem to be declining on a weekly basis. Should they concede early here this one could easily get away from them very quickly. Should they score first… this one could easily get away from them very quickly.

3. Spurs vs Sheffield United
Put this fixture in front of most fantasy players back in July and they would have earmarked it as one for at least double Spurs attacking coverage and almost a shoe-in for the armband to land on one of them, probably Kane. And indeed Spurs are ranked 5th for goals scored (10) this week.

But this may be a precautionary tale as much as anything, because sometimes statistics only tell you half a tale. The other half of the tale is that Sheffield United are ranked joint 1st for least goals conceded away from home with just 4 past them so far. This could be a tight affair.

Who is most likely to concede…
Again, very simple this, which teams face the ‘worst’ defences in terms of goals conceded, either away or home, respectively. Or if you like, which teams are most likely to concede.

1. Southampton vs Everton
Fantasy Football TipsWe begin with an anomaly. Or is it? Southampton sit first in terms of goals conceded at home but this is of course mainly due to the Leicester rinsing. Do we put that down to a one off or do we simply include it as a statistic, given that it actually happened?

For the record they have conceded 19 at home and scored just 4 in 5 games. And their games at home average 4.6 goals each, the 2nd highest in the league.

The fact that they recovered enough to go to Man City and only conceded two probably suggests that wounds have been patched a bit, if not altogether healed.

For their part, Everton have scored just 3 on the road in 5 games. They do however boast the joint 3rd most conceded away from home with 9 against them. There should be goals on offer in this one, if you can bring yourself to buy either a Saints or Everton ‘asset’.

2. Norwich vs Watford
Fantasy Football Tips2nd and 1st place for most goals conceded collide here, as Norwich have conceded the 2nd most at home (14) and Watford have conceded the most away (13). A Norwich home game provides the best value for a season ticket holder as they have seen 4.8 goals per game.

This should in theory mean goals galore as Norwich also sit joint 4th for most goals scored at home (10) this season. Watford however have only scored two on their travels. Which rather spoils the argument!

3. Wolves vs Aston Villa
iconVilla are the 2nd worst away from home in the porous stakes having shipped 11 so far. Wolves however have only scored 7 at home, which is joint 13th in that respect. Villa have managed to score 8 on the road whilst Wolves have conceded the same amount at home. And Wolves have yet another Europa League tie on Thursday, which despite what Nuno proclaims does tend to derail them a touch.

Like any good school boy, we like to show our ‘workings out’…

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 12. This article was written by Inittowinit.




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  1. 31
    Colriles says:

    Many thanks Innit. Concise and to the point works for me! Now for something not concise and to the point….

    Feel like I’m at a critical juncture this season. Finally seeing some green arrows and want to keep it rolling so considering WCing now. Would love some feedback.

    My team is decent but still feels 4-5 moves away from what I’d like. Also struggling with TV, being just short of my dream team. Looking at moves like :
    Kun > Vardy
    Wickham > Jimenez
    Yarmo > KDB
    VVD > Kelly
    Mount > Pulisic ?
    Cantwell > McGinn ?

    All the moves above including Cantwell > McGinn leave me about 1 mil short. Is Wickham > Connoll/Ayew a better option and invest in stronger 5th mid? And is Traore an option for Wolves attack if I go without Jimenez?

    Have 2 FTs and 2.0 itb so Kun > Vardy and Yarmo > KDB is doable this week. Am I overthinking it (don’t answer that) and just go with those? If you’ve made it this far congrats, and many thanks. yes

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 32
    Otieno says:

    Is it worth changing Werner in my FanTeam for -4 ? Bench is Zelany Rits Kristinson two of which would likely start

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 33
    Otieno says:

    SON red card overturned !

  4. 34

    It will be interesting to see how pool will manage all that around Christmas shock

  5. 35
    DMC says:

    Salah starts vs Genk and Mane and Robbo benched.

  6. 36
    Jamie Mc says:

    With Son’s red card overturned, any chance he will play this weekend?

    Spurs not exactly on top form to be able to nurse him back into playing.

    His mental state may be shot to pieces so a place on the bench or left out of the squad entirely may be an option.

    I suppose the spurs team tomorrow night might give a clue.


    • 36.1
      DMC says:

      The fact that he now knows it wasn’t (entirely) on him may perhaps ease the mental state he was at the time. If Andre could be a sport and also tweet something to support the poor lad then he’d be good to go I think. That said, I don’t own him so I hope he doesn’t play!

    • 36.2
      The B says:

      Hes a professional. His mental state would be fine. People have done far worse and done better.

      • I’m not sure B. He looked completely inconsolable.

        He’ll be back though but maybe not at 100% focus right away.

      • inittowinit says:

        Spurs have said today that he’ll be given counselling. He’s a nice lad and also seems a bit sensitive (not a criticism) so I’d imagine it will weigh heavily. Even though it obviously wasn’t his fault, but anyone who’s seen something like that close up will appreciate it takes time to put it in context in your own mind.

        We had a team disintegrate within a month because of something similar because about 5 of them couldn’t cope with it psychologically and stopped playing.

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