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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22. Possibly too much FPL followed quickly by not enough, it’s feast or famine season is Christmas and early January. After a small break to recharge our batteries we are back this weekend to either try and extend on a successful festive period of points, or repair the damage! Whichever one it is we have a weekend of fun ahead beginning with a bumper Saturday program of seven games…

West Ham and Arsenal kick us off at lunchtime with both sets of fans probably wondering which version of their respective Jekyll and Hyde teams will show up. The five 3pm games are a mis-mash of mid-table much of a muchness. With the exception of Liverpool, who will probably steamroller Brighton. Talking of Jekyll and Hyde, Hazard gets a go at one of his favourite fixtures in the evening game as Chelsea host Newcastle. Depending on which version of Chelsea show up, probably one without a real striker….

Talking of Jekyll and Hyde… Everton and Bournemouth get Sunday under way in the early one, before the real action begins later with the much anticipated clash between Poch-present and Poch-future… perhaps. Let’s see what Ole has to say about that though.

Man City then host Wolves on Monday to see the game-week out.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 22 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22.




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  1. 127
    Captain Dicky and His C Men says:

    Everyone seems to be scrambling for Utd coverage. What about City coverage? Is Sane the only viable option after Sterling? Aguero is out of my price range.

    • 127.1

      In part you answer your own question. Reason many are going for United players is because they are great value compared to City players. You are having trouble affording City’s best options and my guess is so are many, so they go get the 7 million striker and 8 point something mid instead of the 11 million striker and 11 million mid. Sure, I think we all like to have City players also, say Sterling maybe Kun, but they come with a lot more sacrifices to the rest of our squad. Maybe one of the Silvas is the other options in the price range you might be looking at, but they come with rotation worries, possibly. Which is probably another reason people are jumping on the United bandwagon, there starts seem to be less of a worry when it comes to minutes as of now.

      • specialK says:


        I brought in Rashford and Pogba and am better better returns both in points and money.

        • Captain Dicky and His C Men says:

          Thanks, maybe you’ve helped with my dilemma. Was trying to get Sane in. How about Son, Martial and Rondon to Rashford, Pogba and Fraser. Banks me 0.9m to upgrade Kongolo. Will be a -4pts.

        • Captain D

          For a -4 I think that would definitely pay off for you.

          I would support that.

        • gkw says:

          I wouldn’t expect too much (more than 5 ppm) from Rashford, because he doesn’t seem to get as many shots or touches as top strikers do. That’s based on season-long stats because I don’t have a weekly breakdown of them, but I don’t think he’s very much more involved than he was under Mou. Pogba clearly is more involved, and even under Mou got loads of touches and shots so has greater upside potential than Rashford.

        • Kop Warrior says:

          Over the past 6GW’s no forward has had more attempts on target than Rashford. I’m not saying he’s better than Pogba but I certainly believe he’s currently the value for money forward in the game.

        • That’s an interesting stat Kop, the eye test (and I haven’t watched a lot of them) led me to agree with GKW, so surprised to hear that he is doing that well in terms of shots.

        • Kop Warrior says:

          Mito, it’s possible that the majority of these shots were in one game.

        • Just looked it up
          LFC – 1
          Car – 4
          Hudd – 4
          Bou – 3
          Toon – 7
          Spurs – 2

          So not many attempts vs stronger sides, which makes sense. Luckily he plays weaker sides in 6 of the next 7. Those stats are actually very encouraging considering his upcoming fixtures.

        • DMC says:

          Captain – I’d do that in a heart beat. Not sure for Fraser. He’s still good value if you bought early, but fixtures are terrible so perhaps look elsewhere. He has 4 games vs top 6 in the next 7 and he is yet to produce anything vs such opposition (7 games, 7 blanks).

        • gkw says:

          Kop, Mito, which sites do you use for stats? Of course I believe you(!!), I’d just like to improve my sources. Right now I’m mainly just using the PL stats section.

        • Captain Dicky and His C Men says:

          Struggling to find better options for 7m and under. Thought about taking a punt on Redmond or Iwobi and bank some cash but not convinced.

        • Captain Dicky and His C Men says:

          Maybe Lucas Moura? I have to make the move else I’m 0.3 short.

        • @GKW, usually Understat and Whoscored for me. Soccerstats for a view of standings, fixtures and home vs away stuff.

  2. 128
    Leprechaun says:

    Anyone fancy adding Nasri? He played pretty well against the Gunners.
    Andy Townsend said before the game that he didn’t think Nasri would be able to cope with the Prem pace after his time out, but what does he know?

  3. 129
    Elleffcee says:

    Evening folks, thinking Kane/Kamara to Kun/Rashford with my 2fts. I’m 1.3mill short, so the question is who do i dump from the midfield to get a bench warmer who plays ? Don’t need the problem of who to bench from the front 8 each gw.

  4. 130

    Huddersfield Town

    Verified account

    12m12 minutes ago
    David Wagner has departed his role as Head Coach of #htafc by mutual consent.

    The 47-year-old leaves Town after detailed discussions with the Board of Directors, with both parties agreeing this is the correct move for the future of the Club.

  5. 131

    For you managers already thinking about blanks.

  6. 132
    Mitro says:

    Evening all

    Has anyone thought about using there WC yet? I know most of us keep our second one towards the end of the season but can you see any benefit to using it now? This is my second season on the trot where my ranking hasn’t been the best and I am considering it.

    • 132.1
      FC Sanchez says:

      I wouldn’t Mitro. Your team looks decent and you’ve got a decent rank as well. Keep the WC till the DGWs and what not. It might actually give you an advantage over your ML managers who might have used it early.

    • 132.2
      Brookyboy says:

      Nah,a couple of hits and you’ll be grand !!

    • 132.3
      DMC says:

      Mitro – I’m a diehard fan of the “WC+BB DGW” combo so my answer is no and to sustain that I’ll let you know, if it helps your cause, that my best ever rank (13k) and points total (2293) happened when I used said combo two years ago, which I believe was the second season with the new chips.
      There’s an argument to be made that if your team is in shambles you perhaps shouldn’t wait that long and should instead use it when needed to improve your team to avoid sliding so much in the ranks that it then becomes impossible to climb back with such combo, so, yeah, I can relate to that and see such cases as an exception to said “rule”.
      However, I don’t think such calls should be made in January, for many reasons, the main ones being that the market is open, champions league is still very undefined (and we now how that affects said DGW combo plans) and because it’s simply too early to say that your team is in a such a position where it’s needed.
      Adding to that, we now also have the free-hit chip which helps the WC+BB on a DGW path because you don’t have to worry too much about the blanks.
      In short, keep it mate! smile

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