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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30+

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30+

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30+

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30+.
GW30+ Deadline; Wednesday 17th June 5pm GMT

Yep, it’s finally time for GW30 PLUS. And not GW39 as some of us suspected it may be. Looks like Scudamore may never get his wish!

As alluded to in our Fixtures Analysis article for GW30+ there looks like scant chance to do many articles, if indeed any, between each of these GW’s. As such we will not do a fresh Live Match Chat for each week, we shall simply update this one as we go along with the latest deadlines and fixtures. We shall endeavour to post the line-ups prior to each phase of the relevant GW and our usual FPL Countdown Timer (to be found above the latest comments section) will once again be active.

Tips will be dispensed in the chat below but feel free to get involved in said chat, whether that’s asking for advice or answering others. You can check all the latest odds by visiting

This is where LMC will take a slight twist. Given said lack of opportunity to post any full or meaningful articles it is our intention to simply post our weekly transfer and Captain choice on here prior to each deadline. As a result this article will be posted way in advance of when it usually is, probably not long after any given GW ends.

We have SOLD lots of people and BOUGHT an equal amount to replace them. We are pretty sure that’s how it works, if we remember correctly. Hold on though, we did not use the unlimited transfers opportunity that fpl gave to us as some would think, we went for the free hit instead. Why you may ask? In short, because we like our team and if not for a DGW we would want to keep it. So we decided to go for the option that allows to play this double confidently (sort of) and gets us back to our original team for the weeks ahead.

That sounded somewhat straightforward, yet as always when deliberating over the make up of the squad we had some for using the unlimited transfers instead and we even had one idiot suggesting transfers based on a bench boost that we had decided we were not going to play. Good thing we didn’t go with the site team Zoom meeting call where members could have watched, that would have been a bit embarrassing for some on our committee.

In the end. we had a core we sort of wanted to work in and before you wonder why we didn’t include certain players, just know that the site team’s budget is not great, so we were limited in what we could do compared to some other teams you will see out there. So back to that core I mentioned, City three, Grealish, Auba and a Sheffield party at the back. Sure we gave Mahrez a run for a day and Laca was in there also, but in the end we were not confident in their minutes, not that we are overly optimistic on anyone’s minutes for this GW, but at least history tells us there are more reliable options out there, so we ditched them. Sterling was the player we really wanted that was not in the squad before we posted this article so we made a few changes here and there, dropped Alonso and had to include Saka in the XI, but for the most part we were all happy enough with the side to roll with it.

Our Captain for GW30+ will be Sergio Aguero. We all know what he is capable of and he won the vote easily with 4 votes. We are sure Kun will not be trotted out for the amount of minutes we would all love, but assuming he doesn’t pull a hammy or something, it should hopefully be enough to get us something decent. Raheem had one vote from that same guy looking to improve the bench for a bench boost that is not going to be played. So while he might not be wrong on Sterling, this committee member can’t be trusted right now.

Our Vice-Captain will be Grealish. KdB won the vote for VC, but one of our members basically overruled everyone and made Grealish vc as he did not want a player from the same squad as Kun just in case there was a cancellation. Guess the only surprising thing about the whole matter is that Init wasn’t the one doing the overruling.

Our GW30+ team in full…

Should you wish to follow the FF247 Site Team’s progress you can do so here.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 30+ from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30+.




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  1. 409
    MattX says:

    How does this thinking/plan sound?

    Saka to Guendozi and leave the money in the bank.
    Leave Holgate in for the Norwich match but then move him to Maguire the following week.
    Keep Mane but sell either before or after City game (haven’t quite decided that yet)
    Use his funds to upgrade DCL and Guendozi to possibly Mahrez, Rashford and Mount/Foden (price rise dependent)

  2. 410
    The B says:

    This is a blood bath!

  3. 411
    Otieno says:

    With all Burnleys injuries I was really hoping Max Thompson would start instead of Vydra meaning a first XI with all Englishmen.

    Quick quiz – Who were the last premiership team to do that ?

  4. 412
    GoalMachine says:

    Jesus gets an accidental assist. smile

  5. 413

    Hmmm, Foden with 3 goals in 2 games. Not bad for a fifth mid at 5.1 :scratch_one-s_head:

  6. 414
    Bigpopz says:

    Foden bandwagon anyone?

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