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Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Hello everyone and welcome back to the FF247 Regulars League(s).

The purpose of this article is so that our Regulars League has a permanent home for reference points throughout the season such as cup draws and the like. It is permanently linked on our Hot Topics just above the latest comments.

As usual we will have a Regulars Classic League and we also have H2H leagues with promotion and relegation as well as a Regulars Cup starting in January.

We do have a main FF247 league and that is open to every man/woman and their dog. There is no autolink facility available from FPL yet but if you wish to join that one, for which there will also be a prize, the code is;

FF247 Main Site League – ikkny1 Which is almost kinky…

The Regulars League is a bit more selective. You have to be a member of FF247 and you have to post comments in the community here on a regular enough basis to be easily recognisable, and posting is monitored by the way.

Its not hard to join, e-mail me (Elle) at the address below and leave these details for me.
1- Your site user name.
2- Your real name.
3- Your team name from last season and new team name if it has changed. New members, just your team name.

These leagues are free to join but you do need to mail me. Deadline is midnight on the 6th August for the H2H leagues as I’ll need time to promote people if we have drop-outs. The Classic Regulars League can remain open for longer. Get mailing folks :-

All we ask is that if you enter the league please keep the league code to yourself and don’t share it with friends and family who don’t frequent the site. It’s a community only league and we would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20. This article was written by Ellefcee


For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below (GW’s 1-19)


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  1. 13
    AllanBrallan says:

    Zaha or Millivanillijevic?

  2. 14
    redmecca says:

    First draft and I reckon I’ve nailed it already…
    Any changes you’d make guys?

  3. 15
    bees393 says:

    Digne or Coleman? Isn’t Digne the better option?
    What’s with Kane in so many drafts…don’t remember him doing much at the beginning of a season…
    Cheers all!

    • 15.1
      AnttL says:

      Digne 100%. Coleman hasn’t looked good since his injury.

    • 15.2
      Smash says:

      Digne. Kane at 11 million looks like a bargain to me. Should be fully rested and keen to be top scorer

    • 15.3
      Kralin says:

      I think Coleman’s stats – recent stats (now he’s put the leg behind him) – are comparable with Digne’s – if I can get round to it later I’ll have a closer look. There’s a developing school of thought – not quite a movement yet – suggesting that given Everton’s favourable opening fixtures, Coleman’s output may be fine. Digne has set-piece chops though, I think. If I do play four at the back I’ll go with one of those, probably.

      Kane lifted his August curse last year, if memory serves. The price is good. He will be rested and full of fire. Spurs still have Poch. Spurs’ games – opening match notwithstanding – are fairly mixed however. Having said that, Spurs are target team 3 for me before I start filling in the gaps.

      I hope you are well, Bees.

      • Stone Frog says:

        I guess the question with Kane is whether to load up on City and Pool or whether to have premium assets elsewhere?

        • Kralin says:

          Kane looks do-able(ish) if you limit yourself to 5 City / Liverpool players.

          The City players I’ve gone for, so far, are Mendy and KdB.

          I was considering doing something utterly shocking, like Mendy and Robbo and a gasp 4.5 defender. Or Coleman, maybe.

          Then Kane becomes easy to fit in.

          Initially I went for Vardy up front (still have him), with Moura providing the Spurs’ cover. Initially = still what I have, as I’ve got three expensive defenders.

    • 15.4
      bees393 says:

      Thanks for all your great comments. Yeah…we are almost up and running again…making ourselves crazy.

  4. 16
    GentleBenAKA says:

    I think Digne is better, but with Coleman outscoring Digne in the 2019 calendar year, and being 0.5 cheaper, it’s Coleman who is in my team. Of course when Digne scores from a free kick first game of the season, I’ll be kicking myself.

    Last season Kane scored 2 goals in the 3 August matches. He didn’t score in the opener (a 1-2 away win at Newcastle) but then he broke his “August hoodoo” at home against a newly promoted Fulham with a 3-1 win. He scored his second in the 3-0 home win against Man Utd. At £11m and with the first game a home fixture against a newly promoted side, he’s in my team for sure (for now).

  5. 17
    Jamie Mc says:

    Is city and Liverpool defence better or more value in Chelsea and spurs?

    Allow £££ to be used elsewhere.


    • 17.1

      Think both things can possibly be true, the City and LFC defence are better, but with the price hikes on the LFC guys, there is a chance that Spurs and CFC could provide more value this season or is there? Thing is, will CFC and Spurs be better defensively as teams? Because buying a CFC/Spurs defender for 6.0 when you can just buy Walker or Mendy for the same price doesn’t seem like a good investment. Another thing with City is, if they don’t buy another CB or even if they do (say Maguire) then next to Laporte the other CB is likely worth 5.5 that seems like a better investment than SPurs or CFC defenders. VvD for .5 more than most Spurs or CFC guys seems like a better option also.

      In conclusion, unless one of Christensen, Zappacosta, Aurier, Foyth or Walker-Peters (all 5.0 or less) becomes a starter, I find it hard to seeing any of the defenders from those teams being better bang for the buck than City or LFC guys.

    • 17.2
      Stone Frog says:

      At the moment I have TAA, VVD, Mendy and Maguire.

    • 17.3
      Kralin says:

      Given Liverpool’s opening fixtures it seems reasonably safe to start with their defenders – and City’s – and then move in for other options as / when they start appearing. Rather than not doing so, seeing City and Liverpool get off to a flier again and having to rearrange the team / take loads of hits /wildcard / hit the bottle etc because their players are pricier.

  6. 18
    Calthis says:

    I am looking to take 2 Liverpool defenders Goalkeeper plus one and Cheap back up keeper and I think 1 top striker Kane or Aguero and a couple of heavy midfielders

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