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Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2020-21

Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2020-21

Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2020-21

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2020-21.

Please find below the FF247 Set Piece Takers List for 2020-21. This list is a guide that we hope will help you select players that have the potential to bring in goals and crucial assist points. The table is based on information gathered from last season’s games, Opta stats, pre-season friendlies and FF247 community input.

The article itself is archived under the tab at the top of the page entitled ‘SET-PIECE TAKERS’ so you can refer back to it at any time, as are many of our other articles and helpful tools such as Fixture Tracker and Weekly Tips.

Please be aware that this list is subject to change due to player injuries, drop in form, suspensions, manager whims, etc. The list will be updated throughout the season and as ever we welcome anybody in our community to inform us if you are aware of any updated roles or indeed anything you think we have got wildly inaccurate! You’re not perfect and neither are we.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier Set Piece Takers – Fantasy Premier League 2020-21. This article was compiled by Mito21

Updated 2/9/2021

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  1. 1

    I know James is on there, but at this stage it be more shocking if he didn’t sign for Everton.

  2. 2
    Kralin says:

    Thanks for assembling this.

    A single tear trickled down from my eye on seeing Ritchie’s name in there (considering his price).

    (We went through why he may not be a good pick the other day so leaf back a few pages if you’re interested.)

  3. 3
    AmateurOpinions says:

    Might as well take Jorginho out of the Chelsea one…but top effort. Thank you!! Excellent for reference. Does keep you focused on the potential for easy points from some of our premium players.

  4. 4
    Kunta Kinte says:

    I don’t see Rodriguez taking over penalty duties at Everton.

  5. 5
    elcfc says:

    Is anyone thinking about removing TAA yet, or are you all waiting until after the Denmark game on Tuesday?

  6. 6

    Set Piece takers with a minor update based on GW 1 action.

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