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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 15

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 15

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 15

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 15. We of course played our wildcard and while the results weren’t instantly remarkably ‘WOW’, we did ok, given the rotation nightmares that many seemed to suffer. We scored 55 vs an average of 47, giving us a weekly rank of 1.3mln and saw us rise in the overall ranking to 246,768 from 298k. A step in the right direction for sure and as long as it continues, we remain a happy bunch. If you remember, one of the reasons we finally played the wildcard was to sort our defence and our new crew certainly did us proud with Christensen, Mustafi and Dunk all recording clean sheets. However, the true tale of our game-week came late on in the action as Sterling and Salah came up trumps, Salah from the bench, to return 22pts between them. Kane was our only other ‘success’ story with his usual goal at Leicester. The others do not deserve a mention, but we won’t hang them out to dry quite yet. We’ll give them another week at least!!

Last weeks ‘result’…

We are holding our free transfer…
It would be a poor reflection on our Wildcard if we were then to make a transfer or two this week. Hence we are doing nothing. Our one predicament was to play RLC or Niasse who is available again after his ban. We thought (guessed) that Big Sam will likely keep things as they are after the Toffees smashed the Hammers in midweek so a place on the bench looks the best Niasse can hope for.

The team in full
And so this is how we line up ahead of GW15…

Our Captain is Eden Hazard
No doubt here amongst the committee. Freshly rested and up against a poor Toon side at home, we hope to get off to a flying start to the game-week with the Belgian. If for some reason Hazard doesn’t appear then our vice captain is Harry Kane up against the leaky Watford defence.

If you wish to follow the teams progress more closely you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 14

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  1. 1
    inittowinit says:

    ***NEW ARTICLE***

    The Site Team is live!

    Bit boring but we thought we’d best share anyway :)

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Neilos says:

    Nice team Gang! Agree with you on holding the transfer. I’ve made Silva to Sterling this week. Good to Go?

  4. 4
    Macca_ says:

    thoughts please? am i good to go? still got my FT but..

  5. 5
    Matt says:

    Afternoon folks, need some advice here. I still have my WC. Don’t know if I need to use it though. I also have 1 ft and 1.0 mil itb.

    Which of these moves sounds the best?

    A. Eriksen to Mahrez
    B. Eriksen to Sterling
    C. Eriksen and Zaha to Hazard and Shaqiri/Albrighton. (-4)
    D. Eriksen and Zaha to KDB and Ramsey (-4)
    E. Eriksen and Zaha to Sterling and Mahrez (-4)
    F. Eriksen, Zaha and Ayew to Sane, RLC and Vardy. (-8)

  6. 6
    SAFs_hairdryer says:

    Hi all,

    2FT and 0itb. Is there anything that’s jumps out as needing a change or else I’ll do Mbemba & Surman > RLC & Mariappa as a bit of house keeping

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