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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW36

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW36

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW36

Welcome to FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW36.
“I tender my resignation….”
Oh dear, oh dear. What a shambles. We of course cancelled our proposed Bench Boost and opted instead to play our Triple Captain chip on Aguero. You know the rest. Kun contributed a mere single assist in 2 matches while Dunk & Duffy recorded a clean sheet apiece and came within a whisker of doubling that. At least it was Eriksen that broke Brighton hearts.

Overall we scored 91pts which in all honesty is hardly bad. It was still 24 above the overall average but it could and should have been triple figures and those opportunities don’t come around often. Had we followed our original plan and bought Wilson and then Bench Boosted we’d have landed on 107. Which is not untypical of how the gain looked overall for those who chose to TC vs those who went with BB. Lessons learned and all that…

We were saved late on by goals from Doherty & Jota. That was the highlight. There were too many underperformers to name and shame them all.

Despite a weekly rank of 416,343 we still lost a small amount of ground, falling to a season long rank of 12,518 from a previous 11,785.

But it’s now a Big Bench Boost week for us so anything is still possible, quite literally!

Last week’s team in full…

This week’s transfer – we have sold Eriksen & Deeney and bought Mané & Zaha. And we are (finally) playing our Bench Boost Chip smile

You couldn’t make this up. We are nothing but reactionary. Having cancelled our Bench Boost last week we were running out of options of when to actually bother with it. The choice was realistically GW36 with our two Brighton defenders home to Newcastle or the lottery of GW38 when we could potentially load up on Saints at home to Huddersfield.

The committee meeting was a little dispirited – two members tried to resign, while another mumbled something about retirement. And the cold hearted one didn’t bat an eyelid and carried on as if nothing had happened.

With two free transfers in hand Mané and Mitrovic and the activation of Bench Boost was the opening suggestion from one of the potential quitters. Pérez was briefly mentioned as an alternative to Mitro but the opening motion was carried unanimously – it appeared that no-one had the balls or energy to argue.

So that was decided. Or so we thought.

However, a few hours later the other resignee pointed out that despite scoring from the spot last week, Mitrovic had previously gone 10 GW’s without scoring. Zaha was thrown up as an alternative.

We were now entering dangerous territory. It was this sort of last minute ambush that initiated our problems last week.

Worryingly, Zaha narrowly won the re-vote. Given our current state of decision making we recommend you all go out and buy Mitrovic! And avoid Zaha. And stick to your own plans smile

Later on we felt slightly better by Rosco tipping both Zaha & Perez in his article… and Mitrovic wasn’t mentioned. A good sign? Let’s hope so.

So Dunk & Duffy get another go. Gulp. A lovely looking home fixture vs a team that struggles on the road – what could possibly go wrong?

Our Captain for GW36 is Mo Salah. It was him or Mané and the Egyptian narrowly won that one. Mané is our vice captain in case Salah is still feeling the effects of the violent assault he suffered at Cardiff last week.

Our Team In Full For GW36

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  1. 37
    DMC says:

    Afternoon everyone. Having serious headaches here as to which transfers to do and actual lineup. Initial plan was to bring Salah and TC him and for that to happen I’d either had to sell Sterling with no hit (which I now don’t want to do) or Sonny and someone else to raise the funds and a -4. That now would be Aldo whom is probably a rotation risk given the sample we had a few weeks back. Either that or I abandon the Salah wagon completely and buy Mané for Son with no hit. Also, I feel Sterling will outscored both but if he doesn’t and one goes off and I don’t have or / haven’t TC him it can hurt badly. Having trouble deciding on my first XI too so would love to hear your thoughts. 2.8 and 1 FT. Thx

    • 37.1
      Zed Leppelin says:

      I wouldn’t want to lose Sterling now so Mane for free seems like a very sound move to me! And TC Mane, if you lose Sterling then he could hurt you as well and there’d be two more games this season where Sterling could hurt you, so I think I prefer the Son –> Mane (although Son could hurt you as well, but it’s a game of choosing and sacrificing, not getting everyone in, and that’s the beauty of it too) smile

      • DMC says:

        Cheers Zed – yeah, Sterling is staying. My doubt is whether to buy Salah for -4 losing Son and Aldo or just go Son->Mané with no hit but I get for your comment that you’d still go Mane here.

        How about the TC Sterling vs TC Mane?

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          You mean Mane TC this week or Sterling TC in 38? This week it would defo be Mane for me, but GW38 could be a sensible option for Sterling TC given there seem to be many goals in GW38… And City will need a win (most likely)

        • DMC says:

          I meant for this one! Sterling away at Burnley surely means goals! Whereas Mane or Salah at home to Huds ahead of Barça surely means someone will be getting early subbed! Question is, how has more points potential, Mane/Salah for whatever minutes they get vs Sterling playing 90 mins?

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          I can see the logic of your thinking there, but I just think Pool at home to Hudds could be a massacre whereas Burnley might be a bit tougher nut to crack, no one will be subbed off before 60mins I reckon, so there is plenty of time to get returns… But it’s not an easy choice, Sterling could score well too, coin toss!

    • 37.2
      Brookyboy says:

      Can you downgrade Pereyra and swap Moura to Mane ? Thats the route i would probably go.

      • DMC says:

        I’d have 5.3 for the other mid. Might as well get a bench fodder and save a few pennies for the last two weeks as I have good enough coverage if I follow that route. Hadn’t thought of it and I must say I’m not keen on selling Moura after he gave that hattie and Pereyra has good home games but it sure adds food for thought here. Thx

    • 37.3
      jamesimmo says:

      DMC, whilst I agree with some thoughts regarding Sterling, no Salah scares me more for this Gameweek only. If you think that Sterling will outscore both Liverpool midfielders this weekend, though, then fair enough.

      I’m not a fan of burning FTs like this, but Sterling —> Salah —> Sterling is my planned GW36-to-GW37 switch. Salah TC is already in motion, as a Turf Moor trip might not be simple for Man City.

      Bench Boosting was great, but it’s made subsequent benching decisions considerably harder, you’re right…

      I’d probably play it safe (given Jiménez’s ownership) and bench Pereyra but I appreciate that it goes against home-vs-away conventions.

      We’ve got identical back 3s and will probably be rueing Duffy again. Good luck!

      • DMC says:

        Thx James – sorry hadn’t seen this reply before.
        Well, I do think Sterling outscores Salah and Mane this GW (or at least I think it would be FPL typical). That said, I don’t have the need for such ballsy move and, given that everybody else and their dog are going with one from Salah and Mane and that I can only get one, the sensible move is to TC whichever one I’m buying.
        Seeing Milner out of the predicted line-up (no pressure on the Liverpool correspondent) makes me want Salah even more and thus I’m now leaning to buy the bastard, selling Son and Aldo and taking a hit in the process and hope those Spuds don’t come back to bite me in the arse.
        On the first XI front, yeah Jimenez is also the sensible move here but he seems a bit of the boil atm and Jota doesn’t and I don’t want to triple on Wolves vs this Watford team. Can also come back to bite me… Doherty is in there ahead of Duffy only for attacking potential with him scoring in mid-week and all that. I can see a Duffy CS mind. I can already see this coming back to bite me!! ARghh
        This is all Deeney’s fault of course as I wouldn’t be hitting for Salah this week if it wasn’t for his twatness! Is that a word? Maybe note. Well, it is now!
        Good luck to you too mate.

  2. 38
    superstruggler says:

    Hi all

    What are people’s thoughts on this starting 11 – should I move players around.

  3. 39
    Eagle says:

    Hi fellas. Am I good to go? Do i roll the transfer and play this team? Is my bench ok.

    • 39.1
      jamesimmo says:

      Eagle, a 3rd representative for the Liverpool match would be nice, but I reckon that rolling the transfer here’s wise; there’s not much that you can do without any significant funds in the bank.

      Your bench, like many, could bite this weekend. I’m playing Doherty over Duffy (and Bednarek) due to his attacking threat. Wilson over Jota could backfire too. It’s your call; follow your gut. All of the best!

  4. 40
    Seren says:

    What are thoughts on taking a hit this week? I am considering bringing in van dyke and siggordson for son & Doherty for -8pt hit. Feel like taking a risk but am I just crazy??

  5. 41
    piksi says:

    Shall I bench Gray or Jota? Thanks

  6. 42
    dannyg123 says:

    FPL should change the TC chip next season. I think instead you should get double points for both captain and vice. Would make decisions like Salah/mane much easier!

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