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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38. DGW37 was ok, certainly not spectacular. We played our TC on Kane and we all know how that went. OK. We scored 81 in total, net 72, the average was 67 and we saw a red arrow which was a shame. We now stand at 88,040 – our decent run looks over as we head into GW38. Frankly, the end of the season cannot come quick enough for our tired looking team. There were a few other ‘ok’s’ in our side – clean sheets from DDG, Dunk and Chambers, a rare goal from Mahrez and a solitary assist from Son. Definitely not ‘ok’ were Morgan, Sterling, Kenedy, Gündogan and Jesus.
It wasn’t the week we hoped for, maybe we were spoiled by last season’s mammoth DGW scores. Let’s move on, this is depressing me just writing this…..

Last Week’s Result

Let’s go and see what we have decided to do this week…

This Weeks Transfers – we have sold Mahrez & Kenedy and bought Salah and Milivojevic
We’ve done the unthinkable – we’ve only gone and taken a hit for the last game-week of the season. With Kenedy unavailable to play vs parent club Chelsea and Murray and Brighton not renowned for their scoring on the road we decided to not only get Salah back but also draft in Palace’s Milivojevic. Obviously it would help if Mili stopped given Benteke penalty duties! Salah’s return was inevitable and we had planned for it – with the Egyptian look to break a record or two at home to Brighton we trust that the hit is worth it. Hmmm!!

The Team In Full…

Captain – Salah
Salah was the unanimous choice as Captain for this week. Having gone two matches without a goal, the league’s top scorer will be depserate to sign off his great season in style in front of the home faithful. With Brighton safe, we feel it’s only right that Duffy and Dunk roll over and allow Salah to do his thing one more time.
If for some reason Salah doesn’t appear, then Kane is our vice captain.

If you wish to follow the teams progress more closely you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38

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Gameweek Tracker GW38

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  1. 2
    Bonza says:

    I thought it was confirmed that DDG won’t start?

  2. 3
    hammers says:

    Evening all

    Would you swap Jesus for PEA for a -4?

    Already have kane and firmino up front.


  3. 4
    Kunal says:

    That’s a great looking team.
    How are these moves?
    Tadic to Mili/McArthur/Rlc
    Vardy to Laca
    Tadic to McArthur/RLC
    Vardy to Auba
    For a -4. Have a feeling Laca might outscore Auba this gw

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 5
    man u man says:

    Guys would ye change Silva and Smalling for Salah and Tomkins/TAA ?

  5. 6
    Mr Bean says:

    Have literally asked the same question about 5 times this week but things keep changing.

    Now Silva is expected to play, Lingard is all I really need to replace and more reluctant to take an unnecessary hit now so…

    a) Lingard -> Mili/Ramsey/McCarthy/Gudmundsson

    b) Morgan -> Cresswell/Robertson/Tarkowski and play 4 at the back

    c) stick with the Silva + Lingard -> Salah and McArthur for -4 as Salah cover.

    19 point lead on 2nd who hasn’t made a transfer yet, 20 on 3rd who has made 1 transfer (no idea what)) ands TC (can’t see him not using this on Salah as he doesn’t have Kane).

    Many thanks all.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 6.1
      Mr Bean says:

      I suppose he could TC Auba as well…

    • 6.2
      eresh12 says:

      hey bean. anyway you can do lingard to zaha?

    • 6.3
      inittowinit says:

      I’d probably do your Salah move and captain him. TC will go on him I’d think? Just on the basis of potential explosiveness, but you know your rivals better.

      • Mr Bean says:

        The guy with TC has paid very little attention to his team this year.Told me during the week he was gonna bring in Vardy to TC him so you probably know the same about his potential moves as I do…

        Going to the Spurs match tomorrow as a neutral so Kane captain could make the game a very frustrating watch…

        My ML shouldn’t be this tight…he gained 37 points last week!

        Leaning towards the Salah move as well but my last 3 hits have cost me about 15 points…

        • inittowinit says:

          He’s not TC’ing Vardy then!

          Great stuff, enjoy the game. I’m not even sure who you do actually support?

          My main ML is the same actually. I was cruising and then 2nd had a great DGW (scored 111 out of the blue) and I went from comfortable back to 12 in it. Bit nervous now! Line-ups will dictate a lot though as to who eventually wins, and there’s not a fat lot we can do about that. I’ve had a decent enough season though so if he manages to beat me then fair play he’s done well.

          Good luck tomorrow with whatever you decide and enjoy the game!

        • Mr Bean says:

          Was never really a huge supporter of anybody growing up but started supporting Swansea under Rodgers and Laudrup – saw them smash Bradford 5-1 to win the league cup a few years ago. Now I just support my 11 FF players every week to be honest :grin:

          Yeah just having 11 starters could go a long way tomorrow – out of our hands but will wait for any last minute team news before pulling the trigger tomorrow.

          Good luck to you as well!

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