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Live Match Chat Gameweek 14

Photo 23-11-2013 11 44 40The deadline bell for GW14 rang last night and those with Palace defenders have spent the day celebrating and patting themselves on the back.
But now its time to look forward to tonight’s nine other games, which offer huge potential to move higher in your leagues, or alternatively slide lower!
So, the team sheets are about to be revealed, with that dreaded word we all hate, namely “rotation”, ringing in our ears and causing untold stress and worry.
Who will Wenger rest? Will RvP be fit to face Everton? What surprises has the Special One got in store? Will Dzeko get the chance to break West Brom hearts again?

And then down to the action.

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Game Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck for the second part of GW14 from all at FF247!

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  1. 343

    *points dammm

  2. 344
    boon96 says:

    Seriously need help about to wildcard
    Boruc Marshall
    Demel Vlaar Distin Koscielny Davies(Hull)
    Hazard Ozil Coutinho Brady Barkley
    Negredo Remy Rooney

    With Rooney gone for this match ,Barkley rotation, Brady not doing anything and my defence being atrocious i think wildcard is the best option.
    Someone please help 0 in the bank aswell
    Don’t mind taking a hit either

  3. 345
    JEET TOP 4 says:

    Can you guys RMT please & who should I start 0FT 3m in bank should I take a 4HIT to get GERRARD or hazard or should I leave it

    My team is :

    Mignolet – McGregor

    Dawson – ivanovic – Ridgewell – Sagna – B.Turner

    Yaya Toure – Ramsey – PAULINHO OUT – Whittingham – Januzaj


    • 345.1

      Not worth -4 hit why not just replace Paulinho?

    • 345.2
      agueroooooo says:

      your team needs a little hazard magic. someone was talking shit about him being inconsistent. he ramsey yaya and Gerrard have been d most consistent midfielders this season. I think ozil is becoming consistent but still overpriced. I currently have hazard Gerrard Ramsey lampard . I think would keep money in the bank to later upgrade Gerrard to yaya or better still Silva if he can recover well. I had high expectations in wally but its not easy to pick form after such long injuries. I guess its down to silva yaya wally but I feel it would take long for wally to pick form. might also stick with Gerrard in the end

      • HAZARD- do you litterally just say word that pop into your head without thinking if they work together. Ps. Hazard had 2 good games recently-that isnt consistent imo. IMO! Yaya has been consistent-imo.
        ALL theses posts on here are OPINIONS. To say someone is talking shit because you dont agree is out of order-Just as someone would say FOR EXAMPLE-You are, as the french would say, Cock a la Parishe! it is still all OPINION

        • agueroooooo says:

          chopper – now you are the one not thinking at all. go and check hazard history since gw7 and tell me who is more consistent than him. only Gerrard and he has also accumulated the most points since then hitting 4 double figures so he did not just have 2 good games.

        • HAZARD-U are missing the point. Eddy had a pop at u last week. In 3 yrs iv never seen eddy say anything like that. Have yr opinion hazard but dont be rude an slag others for havig theirs. If we all agreed there wud be no point in the site Mr Parishe

        • agueroooooo says:

          eddy only misunderstood me. atimes I say things with the purest motive but it comes out wrong and rude. if I say ozil is inconsistent, bunch of these arsenal fan would bury me alive and they are right cos the stat is there for us to see. there is a difference between saying your opinion and saying something that is not true. if I say hazard only had 2 good games, its not saying my opinion anymore. its saying something that’s false. am I wrong?

        • HAZARD-its not the opinion that im on about. Cos I would rather have your opinion than not. Its when I see you post ‘Baaaah did someone just say…. or Someones talkin sh#t’ etc. How about approaching it in a different manner by saying ‘my suggestion is this…or if you feel strongly say I disagree’ This might go down better with fellow posters. An Eddy didnt misunderstand. I took it the same way eddy did and if 2 poeple did then plenty more wouldve. Again this is all my opinion and you can choose not to take it on board. Alls Im saying is, if you carry on with your snaps people will label you Cock a la Parishe. Lets face it, if this were hangman youd have C_CK A LA PARISHE and only a couple of moves left before the inevitable.

          The end.

        • agueroooooo says:

          I honestly did not understand the last 3 sentence but I would take or advise

        • lol. Yes I do. But i do it with real lives……its fun! Aguerooo, if you look deep within yourself you will understand the hangman bit

        • agueroooooo says:

          hmmmmmm I still don’t understand.

    • 345.3
      agueroooooo says:

      snap out of it. don’t try it. don’t just jump upon him except u watch him play and feel he is so good that he would maintain that form throughout the season. just like we all did with Ramsey.
      downgrade terry to distin
      oh boy, u might have to sell Rooney after all
      ur midfield is average.
      if u have to sell Rooney, get lukaku

  4. 346
    Milk and Busquets says:

    Gabbidon / Ward and Shelvey / De Guzman? Which would you guys pick? I have no other Swansea or Palace players

  5. 347

    Bit the bullitt finally sold Ozil!!!! new team as stands is …..

    Migs (Boruc)
    Williams,Gabbidon,Coleman( Fonte /Rat)
    Ramsey,Gerrard,Hazard,Yaya Toure (Morrison)

    Do you guys feel this is the best squad to go out this weekend?

  6. 348
    am4r77 says:

    Has anyone considered jay Rodriguez As a 3rd striker as he is cheap and does get a fair few goals my current striking line
    Rooney Suarez aguero I could downgrade Rooney to him
    My midfield Lallana Yaya toure Ramsey Brady I could then upgrade Lallana to hazard still have 2.6 to play around with and I have 2ft don’t mind taking a -4 point hit
    Current team
    Krul (Henderson)

    Terry Dawson Chico (Demel and chambers

    Ramsey Yaya toure Brady Lallana (Amalfitano)

    Rooney Suarez aguero

    Tell me your thoughts

    • 348.1
      am4r77 says:

      Anyone please

    • 348.2
      am4r77 says:

      Anyone got any suggestions

      • agueroooooo says:

        snap out of it. don’t try it. don’t just jump upon him except u watch
        him play and feel he is so good that he would maintain that form
        throughout the season. just like we all did with Ramsey.
        downgrade terry to distin
        oh boy, u might have to sell Rooney after all
        ur midfield is average.
        if u have to sell Rooney, get lukaku

        • am4r77 says:

          Gonna get rid of Rooney terry to distin free me up some cash

        • am4r77 says:

          I could do terry out distin in but terry does pop up and get the odd header but then they did concede 3 against Sunderland controversial if I went this i could then downgrade Rooney to lukaku then upgrade Lallana to hazard wanted to upgrade Brady to hazard but I am 0.1 mill off!!

    • 348.3
      am4r77 says:

      Anyone else

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