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The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Photo 02-01-2014 11 40 06Do you have question marks over certain players or perhaps transfers you are considering for GW24? Who hasn’t?! This is your opportunity to voice those concerns and get some feedback from fellow Fantasy Mangers. We have a goldmine of experienced fantasy managers on tap who are usually more than happy to dispense of their advice and opinions, so please feel free to post or link your team and ask away. The January Wildcard is in its last week, so if you haven’t played it already, now is the time! Whatever you decide is the best strategy for you ahead of GW24, we welcome both your questions and also your advice to others. Please feel free, as ever, to post your thoughts, questions and feelings about whatever you want to but in particular if you would like others to take a look at your team ahead of GW24 and offer their opinion please post it below or link it and we are sure you will get plenty of feedback. Some of which may actually be constructive, but we can’t promise anything!

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  1. 1

    The Boot Room thread is now here . .

    I’ll start off with some great news . .

    Martinez confirms in presser that Coleman won’t feature against Villa.

  2. 2
    Albertini says:

    Morning guys!

    The best weekly ranking so far for me with 82 points, now I have a few issues to solve…
    Aguero, Coleman and Chester all injured, and Martinez has already confirmed Coleman will be out for the game against Villa.

    I’m waiting for further news on Aguero (we all are!) but I might consider a hit to replace one of the defenders and Aguero, maybe Rooney and a cheap def for Chester. Any suggestions?

    • 2.1


      I like the look of Bennett of Norwich for a back up defender. You won’t get cheaper than 3.9 (rising soon though mind think he is 80%).

      I too will probably go for Rooney if the news on Aguero isn’t encouraging.

      I’m keeping Coleman I reckon – too good to walk away from for the sake of another week.

      • Albertini says:


        Cheers mate. Yes, Bennett or Bruce from Hull might be the best options. My selling price for Coleman is 6.6, I can wait for him to come back.

    • 2.2
      daboyo says:

      As you have him at 6.6 id downgrade Coleman to Azpi or Evans and then upgrade elsewhere with the funds….if you can hold the transfer and do both moves next week

      I have Coleman but since early in the season so ill hold tough…my main issue is replacing Ramsey…..and seeing what Aguero situations brings

      • Albertini says:

        Cheers Daboyo. I already have Azpi, Evans could be an option. Or Jagielka to keep Everton’s cover in the back.

        • daboyo says:

          id be wary bringing in Everton defenders til they are back to the full complement…..very solid as a unit but Distin out seemed to rock them vs Liverpool and Villa are a good side on the road….

          had West ham not lost O’Brien last night id suggest one of theirs for a few GW’s…. I have Collins myself for a long time and they don’t concede a lot….cheap aswell to allow you spend further forward….

        • Albertini says:

          They have a good run of fixtures and Reid might be back soon, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a look at them.

  3. 3
    seraf says:

    Need some opinion from the experts here smile

    Baines bennett sagna
    Mata hazard yaya eriksen
    Aguero suarez jrod

    Sub: colback, gabiddon, vlaar
    0FT 0.1m in bank

    I used my transfer for replacing Mcgregor. Now with Aguero hamstring, should I change him? Thinking of Stu at the moment, any other suggestion?


    • 3.1
      slack87 says:

      Chelsea game was never statistically going to be Aguero’s time to shine. Three easy games coming up after that, then a blank – setting up a double GW. I’m going to keep him myself, unless he’s out for more than 1 week.

      You have Mata/Yaya/Aguero (total of 30+ in value) thats blank come GW28. Keep that in mind. Preferably, you’d want to cut down on those players come that GW.

      • seraf says:

        Well thats true, I might wait for Aguero situation.

        I know i might have a problem on GW 28. But if we re talking for long term goal I think im quite happy with those players. They re gonna have double points anyway in GW 31 i think.

        Anyway thanks slack smile

  4. 4
    JEET TOP 4 says:

    Can Anyone RMT For Game Week 24

    Sagna – Koscielny – Zabaleta
    Hazard – Silva – Mata – Gerrard
    Hooper – (c)SUAREZ – *AGUERO

    Bench : Mannone – KI – Ward – *Chester

    Question 1 : I Haven’t use my FT yet but Tranferring out Cahill for Koscielny then am going to Transfer out Koscielny & buy back Cahill for the Chelsea Newcastle Game ..?

    Question 2 : Want to get Rid of Hooper but injures & ect is Stopping me Anyway Should I’ve play Hooper or KI – Hooper Away Cardiff or KI Away Newcastle ..?

    • 4.1
      slack87 says:

      1) Defence is fine.
      2) Midfield is fine.
      3A) Hooper needs to go
      3B) You’d want to check out the severity on Aguero’s injury.

      Also, you’ve got four City/United + KI/Mannone that wont play GW28 (with double gameweeks coming up after that). Mannone you can keep, but you’d want to change one or more of those players.

  5. 5
    slack87 says:

    I’ve gotten my wildcard all wrong. I need to correct it.

    Boruc (Mannone)
    Mertesacker – Bardsley – B.Turner (Coleman – Ward)
    Øzil – Hazard – Eriksen – Mata (Amalfitano)
    Adebayour – Aguero – Suarez

    I’ve got Coleman out, and Turner prone to rotation, even so Bardsley (come first game I brought him in). Amalfitano needs no improvement, since that fifth midfielder wont ever make the starting 11.

    Any suggestions? Got 1 x FT.

    • 5.1
      The B says:

      Your team value must be really good. 2 premium defenders, 3 premium mids and 2 premium forwards cant be afforded by everyone. lol.

      This week you can play Mert, Bardsley and Turner at the back. All 3 have good fixtures. Turner should start as Hudson is a doubt for Cardiff.

      Wait on news, if Aguero is out for long, then use FT on him. Otherwise replace Turner with a nailed on player. But i believe Turner should start this weekend.

  6. 6
    as93 says:

    Hi guys RMT please…
    Guzan, Foster
    Ward, Bruce, Evans, Cahill, Koscielny
    A.Johnson, Noone, Eriksen, Hazard, Toure
    Suarez, Aguero, Rodriguez
    1FT and 0.5m.

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