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Champions League 2021/22 / Fantasy Football Tips / Latest Articles

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2021/22

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2021/22

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2021/22


We are at that stage now where you have to factor in rotation, or even motivation, as a result of qualification / dis-qualification, 1st or 2nd place etc…

On which note this is how we stand:

Won their group

Qualified regardless
Bayern Munich

Teams that can still qualify in MD5:
Man City
Man Utd
Real Madrid
Sporting CP

Cannot qualify but can still ‘do a Europa spot’:

The FF247 Leagues

    • Our Public FF247 league code is 39PEL2BF02
      This one is the usual open air league that all and sundry are welcome to join.
      Click here for the auto-join link.
    • FF247 Regs League – The main one!

    The purpose of this one is that it is for folk who are on the FF247 forum regularly and taking part in the regular FF247 CL chat.

    Entry is now closed.

    The Regs Top 20 odd … League Update

    3. MD5 Fixtures

    UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football Tracker

    This tracker has placed each team in the place that oddsmakers are expecting them to finish in said group. While it won’t hold true in every group, this should at least give you a better idea of what players to target. Also, the teams on the left all play on the same exact days through the group stages. This of course means that the teams on the right do the same. For those of you who want to use your manual subs, this tracker should help you in picking out players from both days of a matchday (the equivalent of a gameweek) so you have cover for any players who don’t perform well.

    UEFA Champions League Set-Piece Takers

    All hail Mito who is clearly bored at the moment and has taken the time to research the following for us all:

    Please feel free to post any RMT’s on the issue or indeed as ever, especially as we’ve slightly interrupted the FPL weekend for this, just carrying on talking about that!

    Thanks for reading UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2021/22.

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  1. 235
    inittowinit says:

    Inter v Shakhtar

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 236
    inittowinit says:

    Besiktas v Ajax

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 237
    bees393 says:

    helpIs Salah likely to start guys? Am having my worse week ever. Or should I go for Benz?
    LIV nothing to play for and looks like Lewa could get the golden boot.

  4. 238

    I am going to gamble 6 points and move the armband on Nkunku.
    Leipzig have been crap but he is in great form yes

  5. 239
    Elleffcee says:

    Leave the cappo on Lewy or bounce over to Benza ? Someone else posted earlier the same question but also included Mo as a possible choice.

  6. 240

    Just reading comments here. Not playing the CL game this season.

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