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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20 Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20 article. Last time we spoke to you, all of about two days ago, we were in a bit of a pickle and quite frankly a bit stumped and very uninspired by our options. It’s funny like that sometimes in FPL because we ended up having our hand forced a little to do two transfers we wouldn’t ordinarily have done had it not been for a combination of injuries, suspensions or obvious rotation. As it was it ended up being a thoroughly inspired bit of business! We sort of reluctantly brought in Phillips and Defoe with most of the transfer committee agreeing it was the right (and probably only) thing to do whilst at the same time shrugging and yawning at the prospect. Well bugger us, they only w...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 19

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 19 Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 19 article. After two poor weeks in a row we finally had some luck and posted a decent score of 76 to get us back on track and that leaves us at 64,823 overall. Well, we say luck, there’s nothing better than a successful FPL transfer decision and one that brings you 30 points is to be rejoiced! Last week we culled Kane and brought in Zlatan and captained him. Suffice to say the big man didn’t disappoint. And we won’t lie, we had a wry smile when Kane missed his penalty. Game-weeks hang on such fine margins at times. So Zlatan was obviously our bedrock but we saw decent returns elsewhere too, notably from Pedro who we had hung onto more in hope than anticipation as he had miss...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 12

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 12 Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 12 article. Oh dear, 4 points below the average last week with 48 in total in what turned out to be a bit of a disaster all round with key players being rested (Sterling) and others coming up with minus points (Holebas, -2, thanks). And with both him and Smith getting themselves suspended for this week we are in a bit of a mess all of a sudden! Last week our entire defence scored just 5 points, Firmino saved our midfield blushes, and probably our gameweek with 15 but the other 3 mids got us just 7. Up top Austin and Kun pitched in with a goal each but in all it just wasn’t good enough. Overall we fell a good few places and currently find ourselves in 64,574th place, a fall of approximate...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 8 Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 8 article. GW7 turned out ok for us in the end despite Captain Alexis failing to do anything bar keep a clean sheet at Burnley. In a low scoring week which saw the average muster just 42pts, we totalled 52pts which resulted in a second successive green arrow and a rise in the rankings to 60,865. Firmino was our best performer with a 12pt cameo at Swansea, while Lukaku started off the game-week well with a goal and 2bps on the Friday night. Clean sheets for Cech and Walker and an assist and 2bps for Holebas were the only other contributors with Aguero, Rashford, Capoue, Sterling and Evans all failing to deliver. Before we proceed we should add a massive thanks to DMC for providing us with a bonu...Read More

FF247 Site Team Game-week 4 FPL Tips

FF247 Site Team Game-week 4 FPL Tips Welcome to the FF247 Site Team Game-week 4 FPL Tips article. It seems a long time ago, but GW3 turned out ok for us, not spectacular, but ok. We scored 53 points vs an average of 42. That leaves us on 194 points so far with an overall rank of 22,450. As for the team itself last week we left McAuley points on the bench, for the 3rd week in a row! Lesson learnt? Clearly not and I think we can all predict what will happen this week, when/if we play him. At least we had Foster in goal and his clean sheet contributed – in fact only Souare let us down at the back as Valencia and Baines scored 16pts between them despite Baines missing a penalty. Hazard’s goal and maximum bonus points gave him 11pts while a Lamela assist was our only other scoring c...Read More

FF247 Site Team Game-week 6 Wildcard

FF247 Site Team Game-week 6 Wildcard Welcome to the FF247 Site Team Game-week 6 FPL Tips article. Ouch. Oh dear, if we thought GW4 was bad then GW5 was a complete disaster. 41 points saw us fall from a rank of 78,944 to 262,127. Only our forwards did anything and we even cocked that up. It started of course with our capo decision, which ultimately led us towards Ibra after it looked all the way as if we would skipper Iheanacho at home to Bournemouth. A goal, an assist and a bonus point later and Ibra had a lot to do 24 hours later – the fact that he got given a ‘dodgy’ assist probably saved us and our headquarters of being smashed up by those who were voting for Nacho. Let’s not forget Costa – he scored for us vs Liverpool – we need all the good news we ...Read More

FF247 Site Team Game-week 3 FPL Tips

FF247 Site Team Game-week 3 FPL Tips Welcome to the FF247 Site Team Game-week 3 FPL Tips article. A quick revisit to GW2 and we had a decent week scoring 71 points, which was predominantly due to our forwards’ performances – Andre Gray, Zlatan and Captain Kun all did the business with Antonio Valencia’s clean sheet our only other real contribution – sadly we left Gareth McAuley on the bench! Bizarrely, despite beating the average score of 57, we still saw red arrows, but we are well used to them by now, so all is good. Our rank is 46,697 which we are pleased with and we have two free transfers to waste. Transfer decision: we have sold Roberto Firmino and bought Ross Barkley and held a transfer. So Firmino has gone for his Merseyside counterpart, who has begun the se...Read More

FF247 Site Team Game-week 2 FPL Tips

FF247 Site Team Game-week 2 FPL Tips Welcome to the FF247 Site Team Game-week 2 FPL Tips article. We did ok last week, nothing spectacular but fairly satisfying. The average was 44. We posted 70. Our GW rank was around the 40k mark. We had hoped that some of our players would perform, we didn’t expect they all would. And some did and some didn’t. That’s the nature of fantasy football. Our midfielders and forwards did on the whole. Our defence stank the place out. But then many peoples did. Quite how Firmino walked away from a 7 goal thriller with just 2 points to his name is anybody’s guess but the rest of the midfield did their bit with a goal each, as did 2 of our 3 forwards. There’s nothing major to change this week then, maybe the odd tweak to be debated. ...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Team Wildcard Time

Fantasy Football 247 Team Wildcard Time We gave you every indication last week that we plan to utilise our January wildcard in the gap between GW22 & GW23 and we have not disappointed. The wildcard button has been pressed, the selection committee has been meeting/fighting/arguing and we are pleased to present to you our provisional wildcard squad. Firstly, the caveat! The squad could change due to any injuries or suspensions that may occur in the FA Cup or League Cup matches prior to GW23, but we are sure that the nucleus will stay as it is. Let us talk you through the reasons we decided to activate the wildcard and to do so we need to look at the squad as per GW22 (that was it on the left)…

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 18

As the game-week kicked off there was an air of nervousness about it. For weeks our captain choices whether they performed or not had always seemed very straightforward. Don’t get me wrong, this was an easy choice for us this week, but nevertheless it did feel weird to feel so sure about captaining a QPR player. So the GW gets going and right out of the gate Yaya and Silva owners are rewarded plus any managers with City defensive cover. Not owning any City cover in the attacking positions could prove to be a major problem that might have to be addressed sooner rather than later, but our fears of a terrible week where quickly extinguished when Mr. Home form himself Charlie Austin delivered better than the milkman at a lonely housewife’s home.

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 17

If we only had LVG at the helm of our fantasy team, where would we be? It was just one of those weeks, it was just one of those weeks. In hindsight we made one mistake with our 3 transfers, but to be perfectly honest no one could have predicted that Dzeko was going to be asked to move his calf, it was understood that he didn’t need warm-ups to stand still in front of goal. Despite the mistake by Pelligrini, not us, sometimes FPL is about preventing big damage. A game-week can quickly turn into what the experts call ‘damage limitation’ and we call it a “Well…it could have been worse” week. So we did not get where we wanted in the overall, but because of our astute purchase of Eden Hazard and our then election of him as captain our week was saved. The purc...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 16

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 16 [alert style=”1″]Breaking News: Due to a muscle injury to Thibaut Courtois we have transferred in the safe hands of Joe Hart for a 4 point hit on Friday after the article was announced.Further details were promised and here they are… We were faced with the prospect of no keeper and playing with 10 men. Hardly a disaster and we could have left it be but we are nothing if not thorough so we delved into the detail and decided an extra hit was justified even if it was for minimal gain. The theory was that our keeper situation meant that we would score zero points as it was. If we took a hit we would lose 4 but also gain 2 from the replacement playing a standard 90 minute, uneventful game. The plus side was that if we picked the right on...Read More

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