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Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 18

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 18 You can say a lot of things about our performance thus far, one thing you can’t say is that we are not inconsistent. We have managed to score a game-week rank of one million or higher in 13 of the 17 GWs so far! We have now collected seven straight red arrows and looking at the make up of our team, seem unlikely to stop the bleeding anytime soon. Hopefully by now you have figured out that the key to your success could be to simply stay away from any moves that we make. So whoever we sell, buy him, whoever we buy, sell him. Should be simple enough. Hopefully this last recommendation gets me sacked, as writing this has become more depressing than being a United or Chelsea fan. GW17 in summary Our defence laid a collective egg. Six points was our...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 17

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 17 Another week, another red arrow. That makes it six on the bounce for us, we are now challenging Chelsea for most embarrassing season. We scored 53 points which was only two above the average. Our GW rank was above 1.7 million and all this naturally led to us dropping in the overall to a bit over 1.1 million. Although we only went down about 60k or so spots, it is really difficult imagining getting this turned around. At this stage we would be happy to welcome the 2016-2017 season and get this nightmare over with. GW15 in summary In another brilliant move, we kicked off the game-week with our ever consistent crap transfer. We defy any of you to get so many transfers wrong! In a row!! The saddest part is that there is usually not a whole lot of fighti...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 16

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 16 There are so many words that could be used to describe this game-week and in particular our boo-boo behind the scenes when getting our team ready. However instead of sitting here and making a bunch of excuses, all we will say is that a mistake happened and we are moving on and hoping that we are able to reverse this season. There comes a time when a committee must put their collective foot down and say “enough is enough!” And they did. They all resigned! Suffice to say we won’t let them get away that easily and so they were all reinstated with immediate effect! Well at least until the game-week starts and stuff starts going tits up again. Anyways we scored 50, which comes out to 46 after the hit is deducted. That would and should h...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 15

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 15 After last week’s backing by the board, the team committee felt confident that they would be given time to straighten out this mess, in particular because the same members of the team committee also form the board. Having said that, we are proud to announce that we (the board) have given a pay rise to the team committee members as a sign of good faith. Moving on to the other business at hand, we managed another red arrow, no surprise there I guess. Chelsea players nowadays try harder than some of our committee members! We scored 60 points and after a four point hit, we totaled 56, which was only a measly 5 points more than the average for the game-week. We only dropped 30k in the overall, which was a bit surprising, but we will take it, becaus...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 14

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 14 After three successive green arrows, and things starting to look rosy again, we have now somehow recorded another three successive reds! We plunged over 70,000 places this week. Let that sink in for a second. 70,000 places… This time last season 700 would have felt like a dagger. 7000 would have been a mortal blow and panic stations. It’s time to offer up the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ – “The board would like to announce that it has every confidence in its managers ability to arrest the recent slump and turn things around and avoid relegation this season. Funds are tight but we are sure with a bit of wheeling and dealing that the right players can be acquired to come in and give the club the boost it requires...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 13

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 13 Fantasy managers get tight hammies also, even we need a rest sometimes from the grind that is our committee meetings. So when the International Break rolled around it was well received. After a couple of weeks of bad transfers we certainly could use a break and fully mend our wounds. Hopefully these two weeks should cure everything that ails us as a committee. However before we move on let us give a quick rundown of why Wenger thinks we needed a rest. We scored 40 points last game-week which was 5 below the average. This dropped us about 140K spots in the overall and this now leaves us in #$@%K, sorry 750K. In goal we had Boaz Myhill who got a controversial start. Some in our committee felt like we should have bought de Gea in his place and voted th...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 12

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 12 Well, not exactly what we were looking for in game-week 11. We scored 53 points which was 3 points below the average. Our rank for the week was over 2 million and after those numbers there was no real doubt that we would see a red arrow. We proceeded to drop 124,910 spots in the overall from 483,140 to our new rank of 608,050. The tough season continues, but there is still plenty of time to climb in the overall to a respectable position. Onto a quick rundown of the week that was before we discuss our plans for the week ahead. In goal we had Boaz Myhill who was probably tired of us looking at him with our puppy eyes, just begging for a clean sheet. So naturally he decided to let in one or three. One point from our shot stopper this GW. If the upcomin...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 11

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 11 Another green arrow for the FF247 team, we managed a jump of about 80k spots. We scored 48 points, which was six points above the average and it placed us slightly inside the 1 million rank for the game-week. We now currently reside in 480K in the overall and while not by any means fantastic, there is some confidence now starting to surface within the team that we can finish at a decent rank by the end. In goal we had Boaz Myhill who delivered another clean sheet, his second on the bounce for us. That makes it six in ten for the Baggie, but much tougher fixtures await and we will see if he can still deliver some returns over the next six game-weeks. Our back three was only able to keep one clean sheet, this came via the City defender. So Kolarov got...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 10

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 10 Guess the best we can say about our game-week is that at least we still got a green arrow. We made a small move to 565K after jumping about 40K places in the overall. Our score of 57 was six points above the average and our game-week ranking was in the 1.2 million range. Let us give a rundown of how we managed our score and move along to our transfer plans and captaincy choice for the upcoming game-week. In goal we had Boaz Myhill who finally delivered after several weeks of somewhat disappointing returns. The Baggie’s keeper was able to keep a clean sheet and grabbed himself two bonus points for a total of eight points.

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 9

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 9 Goodbye 2 million ranking, hope to never see you again! As anyone who has ever followed the team intro knows, no one has been more positive about the site team turning it around than the narrator of this. It was only a matter of time before we started climbing the rankings, was probably said countless times in the opening paragraph over the last several weeks. So how many spots did we jump? 1.6 million spots in the overall, which took us to 600K. No need to pat us on the back though, as we patted each other so much in the committee meeting that we need to ice down our backs. Well let us tell you, our adoring public, how we managed the monster haul that allowed us to jump to less embarrassing waters. In goal we had Boaz Myhill who will need to start g...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 8

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 8 Four straight green arrows, a spot inside the highly coveted 2 million (yes, at this stage a ranking inside 2 million is coveted) was finally on the cards for this underperforming side. Only problem was the game-week started and we started to capitulate faster than an EPL team in the Champions League. We dropped close to 200k spots and now sit a long, long way from respectability. 38 points is usually a score that one would hope are among the lowest of the season. However in our case that is not only our score for GW7 it is our average for the season so far. Let us give a quick, very quick recap of what our players did before we tell you our plans for GW8, so you know what not to do. In goal we had our new transfer Boaz Myhill and boy did he not disa...Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 7

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 7 Finally!!! I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day. We were able to move about 500k spots in the overall and almost got inside 2 millionth in the overall. Still terrible we know, but with the defeat of Wenger at the hands of Jose we now know that things might be normalising a bit. So expect the FF247 team to continue to climb methodically up the rankings as hopefully more and more teams quit. Well we are sure you are excited to read how we got our highest score of the season – 55, so without further ado, wait…55?! Oh well maybe that means we got all the low scores for this season out of the way. Maybe. In goal we had the trusty hands of Tim Krul who didn’t fail to deliver exactly what any competent team owner would expect, ...Read More

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