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Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 34

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 34 CHIPS?! BLOODY CHIPS! Listen Mr FPL, we’re not liking your soddin’ CHIPS right now, we’ll tell you that much… Rant over. Maybe. In case you missed it we played a STUPID CHIP, sorry – *calms down*, last week. We decided to play, as many did, the WC CHIP ahead of GW33 with the intention of playing our Bench Boost CHIP this week. As you may have guessed already it didn’t go swimmingly! We ripped up our nicely performing and well crafted squad to replace it with one full of high hope for GW34 with that other CHIP, the BB, in mind. Had we not played it then we’d have scored… aww, you know what, never even mind, STUPID CHIPS!!!! Our DGW wildcard totalled 61pts, only slightly above the average of 56pts and en...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 33

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 33 Our rise up the rankings continued with another decent week which resulted in a total of 66pts vs an average of 47. We now sit in 292,920 place, up from 332,420 – that’s now six green arrows in seven weeks and with our wildcard imminent we are hopeful that our rise can continue over the last weeks of the season. Despite not keeping a clean sheet, seven saves from Loris helped him deliver 4pts, while our 2 defenders did the job. Ivanovic unfortunately played centre back vs Villa but still kept a clean sheet, but the star was Morgan who not only kept a cs, but also scored the only goal vs Southampton and gained 3bps and 15 in total. Happy days! In midfield, Ozil, Antonio, Alli and Mahrez did nothing, but Siggy kept his great run going with a goal at S...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 32

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 32 I say boom boom boom let me hear u say wayo. I say boom boom boom now everybody say wayo. Oh we only went and did it again. More green arrows, another stealth like rise up the rankings, more points than we know what to do with. The team is on fire!! Just the 91pts in GW31 vs an average of 56 has seen us record another season best in the rankings – we are now 332,420. Ok, ok, we know it’s not brilliant, but c’mon it’s way better than it was 4 weeks ago. In three weeks we have risen 574,215 places – quite unbelievable and laugh at our ranking all you want, we’re going to enjoy this moment! It would be easier to go through who didn’t contribute to our score in GW31 – namely Ozil and Aguero. Pair of losers...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 31

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 31 We hoped for a late surge to waht has been a disappointing season up to a couple of weeks ago and it looks like we’re on the right tracks. We smaches the average again this week as we scored 78pts vs an average of just 35pts – our score gave us a weekly ranking of 16,450 and lifted us 250k places in the overall ranking from 714,651 to a season’s best 463,763. Wonders will never cease. Our week, like many other teams was made by the choice of Kane as captain instead of Aguero who blanked at Norwich in the opening game of the week. Sadly Kane missed a few chances to add to his tally, but maybe we are being a tad greedy here. The scoring outside of Kane was solid all throughout the team – Lloris kept a clean sheet at Villa, whil...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 30

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 30 Well, well, well we did it, a green arrow after our wonderful set of superstars defied the average to deliver an 82pt week, our second highest weekly score of the season. Our team was solid throughout apart from our keeper Lloris who didn’t cover himself in glory in the derby and brought home just a solitary point for us. But let’s not focus on him, there is more positive news from our outfielders. Our defence, well, it’s never been so productive – clean sheets from Kompany and Rangel was slightly tarnished when van Dijk and the Saints allowed Sunderland a goal – but all was not lost, oh no, for our man himself powered in an equaliser and a couple of bonus points to boot. Our midfield stars were Payet and Mahrez, while ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 25

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 25 The team committee is starting to feel like inmates who write the days they have spent locked up on the wall. Being part of the selection process for the site team is like being behind bars with no chance of parole. A moment of happiness (probably just a wet dream), last GW has quickly turned into another predictable red arrow. We scored 58 points this past GW, which gave us a ranking of over 2 million for the week and dropped us in the overall to 930K. All is not lost though, we still harbour a bit of pride (not sure why) so we can still be embarrassed over the coming weeks. GW24 in summary – Tuesday was great, we scored 57 points and moved up the rankings nicely. Then Wednesday came and we plummeted. We only had one guy going on Wednesday an...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 24

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 24 Let your cheering and applause engulf us!! We are inside the top 1 million now. That’s right we have made it and will no longer be forced to fight in the pits, a la Spartacus (Season 1). With a score of 63 we were 20 points above the average. It was 272k ranking for the game-week and it made it back to back weeks over 60 points for the first time this season. We now sit in 839k and that is the highest we have been since GW13. Hopefully this signals that our luck is turning and we will no longer be held hostage, by the black cloud that has been hovering over us for what seems all season long. GW23 in summary A strong overall week for the FF247 team despite another wrong choice with the captaincy. Hennessey got us 3 points, nothing to write home...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 23

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 23 Hallelujah!!! A green arrow has come back to visit us after we finally managed to hit on the perfect captain. After a rough season and many disappointments, this past GW was celebrated like an Arsenal 4th place trophy, we hugged, drank some champagne and said flowery French phrases to each other. For one week all was right in the FPL world and our 65 points helped us jump over 200K spots. With 16 game-weeks left we still believe that we can reach a ranking that while still somewhat disappointing, is at least respectable, particularly considering where we still sit in the overall. GW22 in summary The team decided to play without a keeper this week…well we had one, but it was the Palace one versus City, so we got a fat zero. As we expected. We m...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 21

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 21 Last GW we were sitting at 966 points and felt the sting of not having those two sixes at the end, upside down. So naturally we scored 33 and made it to our desired number of 999. You can choose to believe that or not, but that’s our story and we are tentatively sticking to it. Our score of 33 was 7 below the average and it landed our GW ranking at 2.6 million and something, but who is counting anyway? After that interesting score, we of course got visited by the guest of honour, Mr. Red Arrow. We now sit at 1.1 million and feel that the five monkeys we have hired to take over the site team, can’t possibly do any worse than the five monkeys that were in charge. So please welcome our new team staff as they look to better the extremely low...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 18

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 18 You can say a lot of things about our performance thus far, one thing you can’t say is that we are not inconsistent. We have managed to score a game-week rank of one million or higher in 13 of the 17 GWs so far! We have now collected seven straight red arrows and looking at the make up of our team, seem unlikely to stop the bleeding anytime soon. Hopefully by now you have figured out that the key to your success could be to simply stay away from any moves that we make. So whoever we sell, buy him, whoever we buy, sell him. Should be simple enough. Hopefully this last recommendation gets me sacked, as writing this has become more depressing than being a United or Chelsea fan. GW17 in summary Our defence laid a collective egg. Six points was our...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 17

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 17 Another week, another red arrow. That makes it six on the bounce for us, we are now challenging Chelsea for most embarrassing season. We scored 53 points which was only two above the average. Our GW rank was above 1.7 million and all this naturally led to us dropping in the overall to a bit over 1.1 million. Although we only went down about 60k or so spots, it is really difficult imagining getting this turned around. At this stage we would be happy to welcome the 2016-2017 season and get this nightmare over with. GW15 in summary In another brilliant move, we kicked off the game-week with our ever consistent crap transfer. We defy any of you to get so many transfers wrong! In a row!! The saddest part is that there is usually not a whole lot of fighti...[Read More]

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 16

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 16 There are so many words that could be used to describe this game-week and in particular our boo-boo behind the scenes when getting our team ready. However instead of sitting here and making a bunch of excuses, all we will say is that a mistake happened and we are moving on and hoping that we are able to reverse this season. There comes a time when a committee must put their collective foot down and say “enough is enough!” And they did. They all resigned! Suffice to say we won’t let them get away that easily and so they were all reinstated with immediate effect! Well at least until the game-week starts and stuff starts going tits up again. Anyways we scored 50, which comes out to 46 after the hit is deducted. That would and should h...[Read More]

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