Fantast Football Diary 2018/19

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 35 – 38

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 35 – 38. Welcome to Cookie’s Fantasy Football Diary. We made it! Congrats to you all for your FPL season and thank you for taking this trip with me. We of course began this journey in Monaco last August and have experienced so much since. The final four weeks of an FPL season should never be dull and so it proved. The final diary episode features birthday party flirting, Duffygate, a DGW, batting, batting for the opposition, an inspiring captain choice, back seat drunken fumbling, a final week Bench Boost, captain failure and a goodbye appearance from Fritzl and Lady Gin. Game-week 35 The plan was to Bench Boost this week but Deeney’s suspension means I would have to either play both Dunk & Duffy away to Wolves & Spurs or take a hit t...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 32 – 34

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 32 – 34. Welcome to Cookie’s Fantasy Football Diary. We’re nearly there folks as I welcome you to the penultimate diary entry of the season. In this action-packed instalment we are joined by a somewhat unaware, surprising and revealing newbie writer as I try and navigate through the choppy and unpredictable water of the business end of the FPL season amongst FH f**kwittery, SGW sensationalism and WC wilting. It’s all here – a good captain, an injured captain and quite honestly a joke captain, technical glitches, Monday night elation, finding God, losing God, playground liaisons, Monday night horror, fantasy friends and Bench Boost decisions. And Fritzl & Lady Gin continue to lurk in the shadows….. Game-week 32 The lead up to ...[Read More]

Fantasy Footballl Diary – GW’s 27 – 31

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 27 – 31. Welcome to Fantasy Football Diary. It’s been a fun, frantic and frustrating (at times) few weeks since we last met. It’s all gone on – a new job, new house, new issues for the mrs to moan about and of course we’re reaching the business end of our FPL season. Let’s get to it…. Game-week 27 I have no idea what to do with my team. Kun, Digne & Hazard will all sit out GW27 while Wan-Bissaka has done his hammy. I should be better prepared in my head for the last crucial weeks of the season, but my head is not focused at all on FPL. We have got the keys to the new house and I was so excited, relieved, elated as I drove back to the in-laws. At last we are to be free of Lady Gin & Lord ****. And then the Mrs (again) compl...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 19-23

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 19 – 23. Welcome back to the diary and Happy New Year and all that jazz! It’s been an interesting 5 GW’s both in FPL and real life. Hang on, isn’t FPL real life?! There’s been the usual ups and downs, laughs and tears, good transfers and bad ones. So let me take you through it and the usual advice applies; pour yourself a long drink and raise a smile! Game-week 19 Ah it’s Christmas, the time of peace and goodwill to all men. Unless you live with the in-laws – or at least my in-laws. Fortunately the big day itself ran relatively smoothly; the kids had a great time, opened some lovely gifts but the meal itself was a tad stressful with the little’uns eating with us…. or not as the case was! That went down well. No Christm...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – GWs13 – 18

Fantasy Football Diary – GWs 13 -18 I trust you’re as ready as possible for Christmas – not long now for the big day. What more would you want than an elongated diary entry? A story dating back to before Advent and lasting longer than the journey to Bethlehem and the search for a room. Mary and Joseph had a happy ending of course, I cannot promise the same for me but at least I’m not running from King Herod – just trying my best to avoid Lord Grumpy and Lady Gin. My journey this time contains ups and downs, low moments and funny moments – moments of FPL riches and fantasy despair. A wasted wildcard, a game-week to forget, family illness and lots more. My suggestion would be to pour yourself a very large drink and sit down and read if you really have noth...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – Game-weeks 5-8

Fantasy Football Diary – GWs 5-8 Much has happened since we last met, unfortunately most of the newsworthy stuff has not been FPL related and as a word of warning, life has turned a bit rubbish, truth be told. I’ll try not to depress you or indeed look for sympathy! FPL has been very dull in comparison though a decent green arrow in GW8 will hopefully give some momentum to my season. Game-week 5 The move to the UK becomes ever closer and the lead up to GW5 is highlighted by two pieces of good news in one day – can’t remember the last time that happened. Firstly the in-laws left and then later that day we received confirmation that William has been given a place at the village school. Happy days, a huge weight off our minds, maybe things will now begin to improve. I am going to ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – Game-weeks 3 & 4

Fantasy Football Diary – GWs 3 & 4 Welcome to the second instalment of my FPL diary. Going into Game-week 3 I sit in 240,686th place having scored 79 & 80pts in Game-weeks 1 & 2. Not a bad start, better than usual to be fair, but it could and should have been better. A time for patience or a time to be aggressive? Hmmm we shall see! On a personal front, our move to the UK gets closer and at the time of writing I am winning the box-packing contest with the Mrs by 10-0. All our flights back to the UK are now booked – no turning back now. Pretty sad but great for the kids and that’s the focus. The lead up to GW3 is pretty uneventful. I genuinely don’t enjoy this time of the season as the early wildcarders take over and build great looking teams which invariably makes one env...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – Pre-season and the big kick off

Fantasy Football Diary – Pre-season and the big kick off A Year in Provence – not quite. A year in Monaco – nearer, but ultimately it won’t be. Will explain later. Instead welcome to the first instalment of my FPL diary as we journey through my thought process, or lack of it, and rollercoaster through the emotions of FPL life – the highs and the lows and the impact it has on everyday life….and vice versa! Pre-season The lead up to GW1. I can’t help myself, as soon as FPL was launched I began to tinker. Everyday. Until I just realised that I was changing my mind, everyday. I’ll be honest I had 3 ‘musts’ that I absolutely wanted and would have, unless injury intervened – these were Salah, Robertson and Mendy. I um’d and ah’d over the keeper position….DDG or Ederson? Two rotating 4.5s? ...[Read More]

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