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The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 30

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 30 So the mayhem that was GW29 is now behind us and those of us who planned for it hopefully came through it unscathed and possibly even picked up those all important green arrows. Unfortunately things don’t get any easier as the mammoth DGW31 is only around the corner, although we’re pretty sure most of you have been planning for that over the past few weeks. One piece of advice we would like to offer at this stage is to not get blinded by the double game-week, after all there are another seven game-weeks following it, oh and we still have GW30 to deal with! Anyway, below we have outlined a number of players who we feel can deliver over the coming weeks.

Does treble DGWs mean treble City cover?

Does treble DGWs mean treble City cover? With the rough waters now behind us we can see calm seas and blue skies ahead, in the shape of a number of double game-weeks. We feel that no team will benefit more, from an FPL point of view, than the blue side of Manchester with City playing Fulham at home and Manchester United away in game week 31. They will also face Sunderland and Aston Villa at the Etihad, dates of which are still to be arranged and announced. With this in mind City’s prospect must be considered very seriously; if they can find the form of earlier in the season they could generate a huge number of points for us fantasy managers. With this in mind we take a look at some of their better prospects:

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29 Of course with so few fixtures in GW29 and a big DGW coming up very soon, managers are torn between fielding a full team this week and making preparations for DGW31. With that in mind, this week’s Tips article will focus on GW29 alone. Preparations for the double can take a back seat for now! There will be some obvious picks below, the names that you would expect to see, but also some left-field suggestions that may act as budget ‘stocking fillers’ on a one or two week basis. Don’t forget that Man Utd are the only team to both play in GW29 and have a double in GW31, so I have included some United players, despite their horrible form! Let’s get going…

Tips Gameweek 28…. and 29

Tips, Gameweek 28…. and 29 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Well it has been quite a week in the world of Fantasy Football, albeit a strange one, as most of the big news and activity has been off the field of play as it has all been about two things. Initially it was about planning how on earth we were suppposed to field anything approaching a full team never mind a decent one for the next couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden we were handed what at first appeared to be some great news about a much enhanced double game-week in GW31. Great news until the implications of planning for this, straight after having the barren fields of GW’s 28 and 29 to contend with, began to sink in. We shall deal with Gw’s 30 &31 in due course but this week the pressing concern...[Read More]

Fantasy Premier League Tips – Gameweek 27 FPL

Fantasy Premier League Tips – Gameweek 27 FPL Believe it or not there are only 12 game-weeks left this season and over these 12 game-weeks plenty of teams will have blank game-weeks which of course result in double game-weeks, in other words, it’s silly season! This will result in many managers panicking and making mistakes which are detrimental to their season, so if you can keep your head and make sound logical decisions over the coming game-weeks you should reap your rewards. We’ll be with you all the way offering tips & advice on players, captains and fixtures. Below we discuss a number of players whom we feel can deliver over the coming game-weeks. You will notice that some of the players below may have a blank in the future, however next week we will focus solely on players...[Read More]

Emerging Midfielder’s – A few options to consider

Emerging Midfielder’s – A few options to consider – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League With the season pushing on and European games coming back in to the fray, the worry of rotation is a growing concern. This will undoubtedly be on the back of many a manager’s mind who have players involved in such competitions. This can be easily highlighted with Arsenal’s potential run of fixtures. Should they progress in their respective cup competitions, their fixtures would be as follows– Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Sunderland, Stoke, FA Cup QF, Swansea, Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Manchester City, UCL QF 1L, Everton, UCL QF 2L. Scary! (Be sure to check out our fixture tracker here) Consequently, now may be the time to start looking at options who will not be str...[Read More]

Fantasy Premier League Tips – Gameweek 26 FPL

Fantasy Premier League Tips – Gameweek 26 FPL Ours tears of joy or despair relating to GW25 are not yet dry and GW26 is already upon us and with it the trials and tribulations that a midweek game-week brings. Some will revel in the short time between game-weeks as they are forced to make quick decisions while other will struggle as they don’t have the necessary time required to analyse all of their options. Whichever category you fall into one thing is for sure and that is that GW26 is another chance for each and every one of us to move up the rankings. As a result of the short time period between game-weeks we have once again decided to take a slightly different approach to our weekly tips article and rather than tipping specific players we have instead decided to discuss a number o...[Read More]

Tips Gameweek 25 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Tips Gameweek 25 FPL Fantasy Premier League So the premier league managers have played their hand and they have finalised their squads for the remainder of the season, only time will tell who has the best hand. Luckily for us fantasy managers we don’t face the same restrictions when it comes to transfers although this brings its own headaches! The transfer window could have serious implications for fantasy managers as players who were once considered to be nailed on may no longer be so, due to a new recruit and this is something which we would advise everyone to keep an eye on. With all of this in mind we have below detailed a number of players who we feel could deliver the points over the coming weeks.

Tips Gameweek 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Tips Gameweek 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League The joys of midweek football means that we are only catching our breath from GW23 when we have to start planning for GW24, throw transfer deadline day into the mix and it is a recipe for a potential disaster. Due to the short turn around period between game-weeks we have decided for one week only to take a different path with our weekly tips and we have decided to focus on clubs outside the top 7 which actually doesn’t include Manchester United, although we would like to point out that both Mata and RvP would have been discussed should we have taken our normal path. Anyway, enough of the waffle, below we have outlined a number of the lesser lights who we feel could serve you well over the coming weeks.

Tips Gameweek 23 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Tips Game-week 23 FPL Fantasy Premier League It is now commonly accepted that the FA Cup has lost its glory, but that’s a discussion for another day! All we’ll say about the Cup at this stage is that it’s an unwanted distraction for us fantasy managers, but luckily we have a full midweek fixture list to get us back in the groove. The countdown to transfer deadline day has well and truly begun and it’s nearly time for Jim White to strut his stuff! What has been a relatively mundane window sprung to life over the weekend with Juan Mata’s arrival at Old Trafford. We’re quite sure that the remainder of the window will throw up a few more surprises and with them a number of headaches for us fantasy managers. However, we’re also quite sure that a number of you already have a headache as you pond...[Read More]

Tips Gameweek 22 FPL Fantasy Premier League

And so another game-week has crept by and with it many fantasy managers are one step closer to their goals while others are one step further away, and then there are those who are just in need of divine inspiration. With wildcard season well under way fantasy managers the world over are questioning their sanity. If you have resisted temptation and kept your wildcard then this could be a crucial week for you as there are so many tasty fixtures and so little room in that forward line. With Aguero scoring within a minute of his return to action and Negredo and Dzeko both helping themselves to two goals apiece against Blackburn, selection dilemas are on the horizon for both Pellegrini and fantasy managers alike. But fear not as we have once more put on our FF247 thinking caps and below we have...[Read More]

Tips Gameweek 21 FPL Fantasy Premier League

So Christmas and the New Year have come and gone for another twelve months and with them the crazy period that saw us all face 4 game-weeks in a ten day period. For many it was a successful time as they stormed up the rankings, while for others, it was a torrid time which forced them to turn to the turkey sandwiches to find some solace. We have now moved into another extremely important period as we all have the opportunity to tinker extensively with our teams using the January wildcard. Whether you have already activated the wildcard or whether you are holding onto it for a week or two we feel the below tips & suggestions will be beneficial to you.

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