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Euro 2020/21 / Fantasy Football Tips / Latest Articles

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Welcome to the FF247 hub for the Euro’s. As per our Champions League article this shall be the main place for the duration of the comp and will act more as a destination to gather and discuss it all, rather than being anything of particular fantasy use.

What you need to know

How to play?
You have a couple of options here;

Click here to join via a desktop or webpage.

Alternatively you can simply update your UEFA Games App (the one you may have used for the CL) and it will show up as a dual purpose one with the Euros game on there.

The Rules
This game is exactly as per the CL one with in-game matchday-by-matchday substitutions and Capo changes available between each day.

We expect most of our league members will be au-fait with these rules but if you are unsure then simply ask in the comments below and somebody will always be on hand to explain further.

Or simply click here for the full explanation.

Hints, tips, squads, line-ups etc…
For once UEFA have actually made a pretty good job of this and so we won’t be bothering to post any of the above as articles as it is pretty much all there for you. They have the entire raft of squads posted on both their website and on their official App along with a run-down on every single team.

The FF247 League
We are not running a ‘public’ league for this one, we are keeping it in-house for the summer fun and as such we have our usual ‘Regulars League’. We did post the league code in the comments section previously but this has now disappeared. The good news is that the majority of our usual CL crew saw it and have already joined,

For anyone who didn’t then simply drop us an email on;

All we ask if you enter the league is that you please keep the code to yourself and don’t divulge it to family or friends who do not frequent the site. This is for the FF247 Community who will be commenting and interacting on here and we would like to keep it that way. Ivan (The Terrible) will be keeping a watch and if you do then expect to be dealt with harshly!

Thanks for reading Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

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  1. 43
    Aarron13 says:

    Is it better have 3 top strikers with a poor defence or having 2 top strikers with a decent defence?

    • 43.1
      Loud Atlas says:

      Probably the latter – 2 stellar strikers and a decent defence. I’ve tried squeezing 3 in and it unsettles the balance of the team.

      • Aarron13 says:

        If I get 3 top strikers
        4.5 krul
        4.5 Pau Torres
        4.5 Bednerak
        4.5 wijndal
        4.5 kjaer
        That’s not the best is it?

        • Loud Atlas says:

          That’s not too shabby at all actually!

          Most of those defenders won’t offer much going forward, though you could swap out Kjær for Mæhle (what a great character ‘æ’ is!). Mæhle’s got 2 goals in 8 caps and can be LB or RB. Same price as Kjær, too!

          Rumours are that Stekelenburg will start the friendly tomorrow for ND (Krul conceded two vs SCO recently). So keep an eye on that too.

        • Aarron13 says:

          If i did that I can 3 big hitters up top, not sure what to do

        • Aarron13 says:

          It’s alot different to FPL playing the Euro one, get points for winning the ball back etc, I had Fabinho in the champions League one scored 9 points against Leipzig didn’t even score or assist

        • Loud Atlas says:

          With this Euros fantasy game they don’t get points for retrieving balls (that’s only Champions League fantasy football). The most we can hope from these defenders is either a clean sheet, assist or goal from a corner, on the whole!

        • Aarron13 says:

          That defence I’ve said to you is pointless ha,
          Currently got
          As my defence

  2. 44

    As we know in the big tournaments clean sheets are rarities, even the underdogs like to have a dip in it. I don’t pay much attention to defenders unless they are with potential high attacking returns or play OOP.

    • 44.1
      Loud Atlas says:

      I got my Wiki-abacus out. There have been a fair amount of clean sheets:

      – 2018 World Cup – 33 clean sheets (in 64 games)
      – Euro 2016 – 35 clean sheets (in 51 games)
      – 2014 World Cup – 42 clean sheets (in 64 games)
      – Euro 2012 – 15 clean sheets (in 31 games)

      Don’t forget the defenders with set piece strengths like Stones et al :-)!

  3. 46
    bees393 says:

    Hi Guys,
    Nice to be back on the site…been too long.
    Who starts in goal for Netherlands?
    Hope your summer is going well.

  4. 47
    Bigpopz says:

    Outstanding work MattX
    Been hoping we’d get a run down of teams like this.
    Thank you drinks

  5. 48
    Bigpopz says:

    How’s this
    Plz rate
    (c) Insigne > Luk > Kane > Torres > Ron
    Walker or Stones?

    Click on image to enlarge:

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