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Fantasy Football Site Team DGW34

Fantasy Football Site Team DGW34

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW34

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GDGW34. Guess what? We got another green arrow (that’s 7 in a row now!!) but we still only climbed 7.5k places up to 140,557. This is getting excruciatingly predictable. Maybe DGW34 will be different. Our GW33 of score of 37 was pretty crap really, but somehow we beat the average (32). This write up will be very brief by the way. Our captain Aubayemang scored 12pts and Vardy scored 8pts. Our next highest scorer was Matt Ryan who scored 3! We were right to bench DDG lol! We have 6 players scoring 2pts and two scoring a single point each. It was painful to witness but many were in the same boat and there was no damage done. Somehow.
Onwards and upwards to the big double and points galore. Righto!

Last weeks result…

This week’s transfer(s) – we have sold Aubameyang and Ibe and bought Lukaku and Gündogan
We started the transfer discussion on Monday and thought we had nailed it. Lukaku was to come in and be captained – there was a strong call for Kane, but he narrowly lost out. Sadly, there was no comeback for Kane with us, no, we are stronger than the Premier League. The only issue was which cheap midfielder to replace Ibe with – there were a number of candidates suggested – Kenedy, JWP, Milivojevic, Gündogan, Groß, Lennon. Lennon and JWP were quickly discounted, for obvious reasons. Milivojevic was strangely not really talked about a lot, despite his form – his lack of a DGW probably counting against him. Which left 3 – Kenedy, Gündogan and Groß. Groß won that vote easy – that’s what two double game-weeks do for you.

Phew, decision made, time to make the transfers and write up the article.

And that’s just about when we went back to square one for we already owned three Brighton players! Jeez – no-one had noticed. 12 hours it took to reach that decision. For nothing.
To cut a long story short we then chose between Kenedy and Gündogan. Both double in 37, one is sure to start, one less so but plays in a better team and will likely play more often than not and faces much better fixtures with a dream double. The sensible, conservative choice would have been to go with the sure to start Kenedy when the comment was made, ‘our conservative choices have hardly served us well so far.’ !! Good point, well made. Gündogan wins 3-2. He’s a punt, we hope to get lucky in that he will play with Fernandinho’s suspension and when the title is won Silva may be afforded more personal time off.

We are playing our Bench Boost with 13 DGWers and Salah and errrr Gündogan. Bring it on!

The team in full

Our captain is Lukaku, vice captain Vardy
With fixtures vs West Brom and Bournemouth, our flat track bully gets the armband. Just one of Big Rom’s goals has come vs the top 6 clubs and our skipper has already scored vs the Baggies and Cherries this season. With Champions League qualification within touching distance we expect Mourinho to play his striker in both games vs defences not exactly known for their clean sheets.

If you wish to follow the teams progress more closely you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Team DGW34

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  1. 13
    saloba11 says:

    hey, was intending on playing bench boost but only have 8 DGWS,

    My single week players are,

    Karius, Fabianski, Haderjgonaj, Mane, Sterling, ramsey and Firmino

    Ive decided against using BB CHIP AS Sterling is away to Spurs, Ramsey has been flagged up, and Firmino may be rested.

    I still have triple captain and could put it on Lukaku but i was wanting to hold back until i had kane for gw37. I looked at my squad and ill have a decent squad for gw 36 so thinking of playing bench boost then. Would that be mad to do that.

    My issue is i cant make anymore changed for gw34 without messing team for gw35 and taking hits, to get dgws for 37 id need to sell min 7-8 players and by bringing dwgs id be weakening my starting 11.

    In summary ha! should i…..

    A) Keep team as it is and play BB another time
    B) Play TC chip on Lukaku

  2. 14
    Bmac87 says:

    Hello Guys,

    Real headache this week as to whether to use BB or TC?

    Current team:

    Lowton, Smalling, Morgan
    Lingard, Salah, Son, Mahrez
    Pea, Kane, Vardy

    McCarthy, Mustafi, Kenedy, Van der Hoorn

    Got 1 FT and £0.7m ITB.
    BB, TC and FH left.

    Really wanted to have Kane as triple captin for GW 37 but am i wasting BB by using it this week?

    Any advice on transfers appreciated, dont mind taking a hit if needed.

    Thanks in advance

  3. 15
    Mr Bean says:

    So £4.2m in the bank, few transfers I want to make but not sure whether any hits are worth it:

    a) Auba -> Kane or Lukaku (c). I will do this move regardless but haven’t decided who yet – Lukaku better DGW but saves a future transfer to Kane, who clearly wants the golden boot quite a bit,
    b) Bailly -> Valencia. Really not sure of Bailly’s gametime considering the reason he didn’t play against Swansea. Valencia good attacking threat as well.
    c) Gudmundsson -> Lingard/WIllain. Not sure Gudmundsson will play in both, both options have great fixtures.
    d) Dunk -> somebody around 6 mil ish. Have lost all faith in the Brighton defence after they conceded against Huddersfield.

    All thoughts welcomed.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 16
    Brookyboy says:

    Just a quickie as i still cant make my mind up !
    Kane and Lingard or Lukaku and Son ??

  5. 17
    theswirly says:

    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I’d check with you guys before I do my planned moves: Aubameyang and Son out for Kane and Lingard – good plan?

    Have stuck the triple captain on Lukaku.


    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 18

    Hello all and good luck this coming GW.

    Should I play VVD over Lowton?

    Click on image to enlarge:

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