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Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 26

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 26

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 26

Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 26.

It’s been a long time since I wrote my first Tips article, just before Halloween, and GW11 clearly saw a vastly different FPL landscape to what awaits today. Liverpool’s key players and a mere £5.1m version of Adama Traoré were just about all whom I picked out wisely back then. In fact, with many high-profile blanks and injuries as of late, things are looking considerably spookier now…

Speaking of Liverpool, their PL dominance has reached NSFW-esque territory, but I’ll refrain from (m)any unsavoury quips. For now. Recommending anything Liverpool-related at all from this point onwards is arguably futile — surely, now, only die-hard Citizens have held onto Ederson, Sterling and any hopes of emulating their past seasons’ far greater points tallies, both within FPL and in reality — only the most foolish of online horses around still need leading to that water. Any excuse to float a set of somewhat left-field suggestions and (when it inevitably all goes awry) claim that I covered the blatantly obvious without even mentioning them once! Complaining that “errRrr, non, I did nottt read le incidenttt” won’t wash over anymore. Anyway, like Arsene, let’s begin swiftly and then end with a whimper.


Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images.

Top shelf: The Bear Who Shall Not Be Named (£6.1m) got injured in his first match, then missed the following 7 fixtures, then returned for what ended up being his team’s only match in which they dropped points, then blanked again for a further 4 matches before being red-carded. Does that sound like good value? Well, he’s now claimed 69 points(!) in just 10 matches, ‘re-returning’ in his true form: an animal. Unlike certain ‘top-shelf’ goalkeepers, he’s a season Kepa, with 6-point returns unlikely to paws in the near future.

Mid-price: whilst both Hendersons have been amazingly consistent lately, Newcastle have hit home form and Martin Dubravka (£5.0m) looks primed to combine saves with a taster of clean sheets until mid-April, if you trust Brucey with the supposedly ‘easier’ fixtures. If not, Arsenal (A) up next should provide him with some points, albeit unlikely to be save-related…

Bargain basement: Alex McCarthy (£4.4m) remains a standout. The Saints have surfaced as the third-best form team in the PL over the past 5 matches; their next 5 fixtures (3 of which being at home) are nothing short of sumptuous. Shane Long personally approves of this tip — don’t disappoint him.


Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images.

Top shelf: I covered my arse by saying “I needn’t even remind you” about a “pair of potent full-backs” in that GW11 article. Sadly, though, I failed to say “don’t sell one for Mané to captain him as part of a 4-point hit” afterwards. Matt Doherty (£6.1m) is owned by a mere 4.1% of managers and, although their 3–5–2 formation of last season is no longer preferred, his raiding runs down the right-hand side can still terrorise the frail defences that he’ll soon encounter in front of jeering crowds — a true Irishman in his element.

Mid-price: George Baldock (£5.1m) has the potential to be Lord Lundstram’s permanent successor in squads — the latter’s owned by 44%+ of managers, more than any other defender, and only slightly less than poor Rosco is by his wife — if The Lord has genuinely lost his place, it’s an issue that most of us will have to tackle. George has 6 goals contributions (equalling The Lord’s tally!) and has played 90 minutes in every PL match thus far, with just 23 goals conceded in the process.

Bargain basement: as a crazy differential, Bernardo (£4.3m) has now found a starting role within a Potter-led revolution, but I’m only chucking him in to get locked up with Matt for his very similar tip from the last instalment. At least Adam Webster (£4.4m) had 3 goals to his name beforehand!


Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images.

Top shelf: Heung-Min Son (£10.0m) is on back-to-back goals and faces Aston Villa (A) on the weekend after next. That’s the same fixture that allowed Man City to run out as 6–1 winners and, as Spurs won 2–0 against them, surely 8 goals will be scored by Son and his pals? Nick can hopefully validate this theory for you.

Mid-price: Riyad Mahrez (£8.5m) has a blank coming up. Pep, who’s not yet named the same starting XI all season, will probably demote him to the bench. However, in this price bracket, a punt for West Ham (H) has the potential to be golden; 16 goal contributions produced in just 1,261 minutes really speaks for itself.

Bargain basement: Jordan Henderson (£5.5m) is not a name that I ever expected to type here. However, with goal-and-assist maestro performances in 2 of his last 3 matches in the PL and playing full of confidence, you could certainly do far worse than this unexciting engine. Ahhh, shit, I’ve just mentioned another member of Klopp’s army by name…


Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images.

Top shelf: Sergio Agüero (£12.0m) has apparently lost his guaranteed penalty-taking role whilst on the pitch but, quite frankly, (a) he’ll almost certainly regain it after that Gündoğan failed attempt against Spurs and (b) it really doesn’t matter either way. With just over a third of the season remaining, his Golden Boot charge has escalated but not necessarily peaked, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (£10.8m) hunting him down from 2 goals behind and with a very favourable schedule to (golden) boot. Vardy, in contrast, appears to be doing a Paula Radcliffe this year.

Mid-price: Raúl Jiménez (£7.7m) has fooled so many of us and yet, still, less than a quarter of managers own him. What more can this wolf do? Continue his remarkable consistency against lesser opposition soon to face him, probably, but we’ll see. It’s never too late to jump (back!) onboard.

Bargain basement: Gabriel Martinelli (£4.6m) has recently been more reliable than almost any other Arsenal asset (ignore my Dubravka comment above) in FPL history. He’s getting 90 minutes on a regular basis now under Arteta’s guidance; his pair of goals and the 4 accompanying BPs have rewarded the faith in Brazilliance that may well explode without warning if Arsenal suddenly stop drawing.

On that penultimate note, I’m drawing this out somewhat, so good luck and goodbye! All of the best for the longest of Gameweeks ahead.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 26. This article was written by James.




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  1. 19
    inittowinit says:

    Thoughts appreciated on what you’d do here; really want Kun this week. Funds are no issue. Defence may be!

    • 19.1
      constantine says:

      Vardy + Maddison to Kun + Traore? Not having TAA makes it easier for you. May be just play Lundy for a 1 pointer again this week and then change next week for a better option!!

    • 19.2
      specialK says:

      Vardy as the sacrificial lamb to get Aguero in? If you really want him above everyone else he’s my most obvious candidate to go.

    • 19.3
      Kralin says:

      I’m in the same boat – I really want Kun – but the more I think about it the more I’m going off the idea. I think he’s likely to play and I daresay could easily score three goals and is in fact an excellent candidate for TC but it’s going to knock my side out of sync. I’m leaning more towards keeping Vardy, playing safe with Salah as captain and just tidying up Lunders this week.

      In your shoes I’d prioritise getting a Liverpool defender.

      • inittowinit says:

        The not owning a Liverpool defender thing bothers me massively. Well, in the scheme of things probably not that much but you know what I mean…

        • Kralin says:

          I know what you mean. I’m seeing it that the points I’m going to lose on Kun I hope to make back in week 28 – and who knows, a Vardy goal, a couple of TAA assits this week (plus a clean sheet) may mean it’s not such a big deal anyway – and thereafter as we move into more blanks and doubles.

          I was half-thinking of a free hit earlier but talked myself out of it. Or Auba as a sort of compromise between Vardy and Kun. But I seldom go for Arsenal players.

          Anyhow, from your comments I think you’ll go for him and the best of luck with that.

        • 1 of 7 says:

          Hi Init,
          Pretty much what Kralin says, if you trust FFF vardy is projected to score more than Kun over the next 5 Gameweeks. TAA is the projected top scoring defender. Also the possibility 3 of your defenders don’t play this week means I would do a TAA in transfer .

    • 19.4
      Tornado says:

      Kun against West Ham at home is an explosion waiting to happen. Vardy -> Kun is the way, as Wolves are not exactly Sunday league material, so don’t expect more than a goal (if any) from Vardy.
      Needless to say though, that you have bigger issues at the back (Kelly, Lundstram and Tomori) that you have to sort out sooner rather than later. Kun this week and fixing the defense in the next two, I reckon.

    • 19.5
      Brookyboy says:

      Hey Innit.I’m having very similar thoughts.Heart says yes Head says no as it will put my team a couple of moves behind further down the line.Will you cappo him ? Are you likely to be using your wc soon ?

      • inittowinit says:

        Same, I’d be a couple of moves behind where I planned but I think it may be worth it. Probably will captain him but not decided 100% yet. WC will depend on where the DGW’s land and be a week before whichever one I decide to BB in.

    • 19.6
      Zed Leppelin says:

      Lundstram or Tomori to TAA, easy!

    • 19.7
      Jamie Mc says:

      Hi init,

      Kun would be a sound transfer this game week.

      Bear in mind though that kun, Kdb, lundstram and grealish all miss game week 28 along with your Kelly and tomori possible no shows.


  2. 20
    1 of 7 says:

    Could I get people’s thoughts on which pairing is better:
    Deli Ali (Tot) and Perez/Barnes (Lei) or Lucas Moura (Tot) and Maddison (Lei)
    Appreciate any replies, Thanks.

  3. 21
    specialK says:

    Need to do some team surgery myself, serious lack of funds but do have 2 FTs. Vardy in for Kun, but who also makes way to free up the cash to make it happen you think?

  4. 22

    Good stuff James, thanks pal.

    Martinelli getting really positive vibes from the pundits I listen to on podcasts. Haven’t seen anything of him yet apart from his goal at Chelsea. Nice price.

    Anyway, well played on the article. buba

    • 22.1
      jamesimmo says:

      I’m glad that you liked it, Craig, and I’ve just had a chance to read your Fixtures article whilst on this tram — a great read — now that’s a proper introduction! Many thanks. It’s really emphasised to me the potential risk of selling Mané (thus losing triple Liverpool coverage) in a rash pair of transfers.

      Good luck with whatever you’re scheming for this (and next) weekend’s action.

  5. 23
    beno1234 says:

    Hey everyone,

    1FT and 6.8m ITB for me.

    Defence needs a tweak and I was initially thinking Kelly/Lundy to VVD to get back on the triple Pool but is Lundy to Stevens a better idea?

    Vardy to Kun is also very tempting but I think I need to use the transfers to fix the defence.

    Plan to do DCL to Jimi next week and probably bring in someone like Lascelles for 28.

    Thanks all

    • 23.1
      Kralin says:

      6.8 in the bank? Yikes.

      Yes impulse 1 seems the best way to go for me – a quick and easy move that strengthens your side immeasurably. There’s Robbo as well but VVD is a great pick and we may not have seen the last goal from him this season.

      • beno1234 says:

        Cheers Kralin. I think he actually scored against Norwich in the reverse tie.

        Any thoughts on who you’d let go for him?

        I was inclined keep Lundstram just in case he does get his spot back but it risks his price plummeting.

        Kelly has lost his place and don’t trust a palace CS right now anyway

  6. 24
    1 of 7 says:

    Thanks Kralin,
    I have McCarthy/Pope in goal and def of TAA, Robertson, Egan, Boly and Lascelles. If I go Cantwell it only gives me an extra 0.9, Could I use it better? The strong squad means no chip for Gw 28, FH 31 and BB and TC the DGW’s. Again thanks for your replies.

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