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Bore Off

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Guess who’s back, back again….

With the fpl season getting closer and closer to starting, it is of course time for Bore Off to also kickoff. I have gathered the three originals, as is tradition for each first edition of the new season. As always a new season brings new hope. Hopefully this article helps a little, but not too much.

Looking back through the first Bore Off from last season, I noticed that the Amigos had many things right. All 3 had Salah as the first person in their team sheet, they were all for the LFC double up in midfield with Mane, which would have worked out well for any manager who did. Cookie and Kop were talking about a back four and in Cookie’s case he was talking up a 5 back. Cookie was ahead of his time! Init had his eye on Milivojevic and Cookie said this “Mili is obviously great for a penalty every time Zaha falls over”. Kop talked about a possible golden boot for Auba and was hopeful that Allison would sign for LFC.

Hopefully they can replicate some of their good calls for this upcoming season, let’s see what they have to say.

Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!. This article was written by Mito21.




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  1. 98
    MattX says:

    Is Sterling a must or can Bilva be a nice alternative?
    Can we trust KdB will stay fit this season or should we give him some time to prove his fitness?
    Is anyone going with 3 up top? I’m thinking of either 1 premium and one budget or 1 premium and two fodder.

    Will probably come up with more questions later but that’s all I’ve got for now hahah. Starting to get into the swing of things now!

    One for the Everton boys but what do you make of your assets? A lot of love for Pickford, Digne and Siggy but are they a wait and see?

    • 98.1
      MadHatter says:

      I think Sterling is a must and less risk from rotation.
      KDB looks like he is fit and raring to go but I’m gonna wait on him until gw3.
      1 premium up front if you’re having one – which I’m not.
      I don’t think you need to wait and see on the Everton boys as they’re tried and trusted.
      Siggy will always steadily get points and Digne would have been amongst the pool defenders in points if he’d had a full season.
      Pickford will also get points but I’m gonna go for Pope and Heaton rotation

    • 98.2
      Smash says:

      The only thing I find tiring is if someone comments and says needs Sterling, needs Salah, needs TAA or Robbo or needs Kane etc. We can’t have them all. There’s always alternatives.

      KDB has had big injuries he seems to be fully back. Had no problems through pre season. Could be a great option.

      As for Everton they will be missing Gueye and Zouma which will be a big loss defensively. It does not make them bad options but will be interesting to see how they react. New striker Kean’s Price will be interesting

    • 98.3
      MattX says:

      Cheers lads. I was thinking along the same lines. I’d say Sterling will be in my team but might wait on KdB. I’m a little worried on Digne, Coleman and Pickford just because of what Smash says Gueye and Zouma are gone so they may struggle.

  2. 99
    Zed Leppelin says:

    Anyone seen the Sane news? Apparently he’s off to Bayern, that would hugely affect the City options, would even Mahrez be an option again?

  3. 100
    MattX says:

    I don’t see much love for West Ham players. Their fixtures aren’t bad and these new signings Fornals and Haller look good plus Lanzini is back and he’s always been a fantasy favourite. Any reason why they aren’t being picked?

  4. 101
    Smash says:

    Has anyone found a decent 6 million midfielder yet?

  5. 102
    Terminator says:

    £4.5m GK issues!
    Pope or Hart who is #1?
    Or is Ryan and Button the only option?
    I only have £8.5m to spend, thus one £4.5m and a £4m backup :/

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