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The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Photo 02-01-2014 11 40 06Do you have question marks over certain players or perhaps transfers you are considering for GW24? Who hasn’t?! This is your opportunity to voice those concerns and get some feedback from fellow Fantasy Mangers. We have a goldmine of experienced fantasy managers on tap who are usually more than happy to dispense of their advice and opinions, so please feel free to post or link your team and ask away. The January Wildcard is in its last week, so if you haven’t played it already, now is the time! Whatever you decide is the best strategy for you ahead of GW24, we welcome both your questions and also your advice to others. Please feel free, as ever, to post your thoughts, questions and feelings about whatever you want to but in particular if you would like others to take a look at your team ahead of GW24 and offer their opinion please post it below or link it and we are sure you will get plenty of feedback. Some of which may actually be constructive, but we can’t promise anything!

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  1. 19
    TheMD says:

    Afternoon Gentlemen,

    Would appreciate some advice with my squad:

    I have 1FT and 0.2m in the bank.

    Mannone / Boruc
    Mertesacker / Azpilicueta / Ward / Bruce / COLEMAN
    Hazard / Lallana / Yaya / RAMSEY / Kasami
    Suarez / AGUERO / Bony

    I could do a direct swap to Eriksen with Ramsey today, or wait until the Aguero injury is assessed and take a -4 hit to take out both Aguero and Ramsey for Mata and Sturridge. Any suggestions on which is the better move?

  2. 20
    JEET TOP 4 says:

    Can Anyone RMT

    Sagna – Koscielny – Zabaleta
    Hazard – Lallana – Mata – Gerrard
    Hooper – (c)SUAREZ – *AGUERO

    Bench : Mannone – KI – Ward – Chester

    Question : Who Should I’ve Play Hooper or KI …?

  3. 21
    lostagent23 says:

    Hey guys any advice would be great. As I am trying not to totally suck at this. Please be kind.
    Here my team:


    Subs: Gazzinga Whitingham Ward Chester
    Have 1.0M in the bank.

    I had Cabaye so swapped him for Erikson. Any sugeestions or future transfer tips would be great fellows as I am trying to change out Howard and get better strikers namely Rooney. So any tips on cheaper options or better players will be helpful.

    Cheers!! smile

  4. 22
    daboyo says:

    Lot of people on about Rooney…..I personally don’t see it myself but id be happy to get some good reasons….for me:

    1) RVP will play as lone striker
    2) Mata will play as Number 10
    3) Rooney will play deep as United have no central midfielders upto scratch….
    4) Rooney is 3rd on the placed ball pecking order now that Mata is in……
    5) His price vs guys like Sturridge/Negredo or Dzeko/Benteke

    Or do people think Moyes will abandon 4-4-2 and play a front three of Rooney – RVP – Mata with for example Jones/Fletcher/Giggs behind……

    • 22.1
      lostagent23 says:

      If Rooney is fit he plays as no. 10. Mata will get pushed out-wide. unless Moyes changes formation mid-season which is unlikely.

      Any suggestions with my team above would be great

  5. 23
    Demsie says:

    Alright there lads and lasses (if there are any lasses fortunate enough to be here !)

    Already used my WC and have zero in bank with 1FT. Got a nice 80 points for this week..

    Here’s what I got:

    Marshall Mannone
    Sagna Evans Azpilicueta Vlaar Bruce
    Yaya Hazard Mata A.Johnson B.Johnson
    Suarez Aguero Bony

    What are we saying ? Has to be Aguero, right ? RVP interests me but would mean a hit or waiting til next week.. Any ideas ?

    • 23.1
      brookyboy says:

      Nice score Demsie mate and a very nice looking team.I’d wait to hear on the scan results on Aguero either later today or tomorrow before making a decision.

      • Demsie says:

        Yeah cheers Brooky.. That’s my problem I always have a nice looking team but I never seem to get really big scores.. well not big enough. still waiting to break the 100 mark ! or even a 90 odd would do tbh

  6. 24
    RedVT says:

    Hey guys, I could use some advice on what to do this week. I’ve already used my FT to drop Cabaye and bring in Mata. But with Aguero most likely out for a week or two, Clyne seemingly out of favor, Coleman def out for the weekend, and Livermore unable to play against his parent club this weekend, I need to take a -4 hit to field 11 players.

    Marshall Manonne
    Clyne Coleman Koscielny Ward Vlaar
    Mata Silva Eriksen Livermore Hazard
    Suarez Aguero J Rod

    .4 in the bank.

    My thoughts right now are getting in a defender for Clyne/Coleman, or bringing in Puncheon for Livermore for the long term as a 5th mid who I can play in a 3-5-2 until Aguero is back, or dropping Aguero for someone.

    I’d love some feedback if you have any ideas!

    • 24.1
      Lisbonlions67 says:

      It suppose it depends how much you bought Coleman for? and if you fancy keeping Aguero long term?

      I have Coleman and i’m keeping him so for me i’d ditch Clyne for possibly James Collins as Chambers is the guy in favor at right back ATM.

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