Weekly Predictions Competition

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW12

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW12 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW12. We are sure you all remember the infamous Potty’s Predictions. Well, it’s back, sort of! Same skin, new hosts. Think Countdown and Carol Vorderman. And Rachel Riley. Did we lose you for a minute there?! Get your minds back out of the gutter and back on the Chuckle Brothers. That ought to do it. So, who the heck are Barry and Paul we hear you ask? It’s simply what we affectionately refer to regular site writers Matt and Rosco as behind the scenes. And so it was only fitting that the hapless duo combined to fill the sizeable shoes of Potty to bring you the new weekly Predictions Comp. There will be prizes too. Each weekly winner will be the proud recipient of an FF247 t-shirt. So wit...Read More

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