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Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW34 & 35

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW34 & 35 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW34 & 35. Most weeks, I do the maths and counting side of things while my better half does the writing but Paul (Rosco) has jetted off to “work” in Dubai so I’ve been left to write this… they don’t even like my counting, so I wonder how the gaffers will feel about this! ? I guess that at least this week, my better half won’t misread my emails and reward the entire site with t-shirts. Congrats to the new PL Champ- Oh wait! That’s right it wasn’t a dream, City did in fact lose. So United added their names to a very short list of teams to have beaten City this season. I must say I was actually glad when that happened because at least now there is another week where something other than second place...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW32

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW32 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW32. It feels like GW31 was a long long time ago, so forgive me for being brief! The standout result was of course Liverpool’s 5-0 demolition of Watford, Mo Salah goes from strength to strength, if only Liverpool had played in the 3 o’clock kick-off so a few more would have got the first scorer correct! The only other really notable result was the Palace 0-2 win over Huddersfield which was a right kick in the teeth for anyone predicting success for the Terriers in either FPL or B&P’s (which is obviously way more important!). Just one winner this week and that was Leprechaun with 7pts; not bad for just 4 matches! AT, who is becoming a regular in the weekly leaderboard, took 2nd spot with a close 6pts and ma...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW31

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW31 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW31. It’s always nice when a player pops up with the first goal of the game-week that people simply did not see coming. Anyone have Marcus Rashford? No me either. Rashford scored the first goal in Man Utd 2-1 win; he then grabbed the second, as if to drive home the point. Other notable results were Swansea grabbing a 0-0 despite playing with 10 men for almost the full match, Chelsea chucking away a clean sheet at the death (2-1) and Arsenal finding their cojones not once, not twice but three times, not to mention Troy Deeney losing his. A tie at the top this week, Igy4 and Labyrinth both finished on 12pts. It was a close ran affair, with third place also shared, Mahelmy, Sam10, Jamie Mc and our very own boy-wo...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW29

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW29 If you had to put money on a team scoring 4 goals last game-week, then Liverpool would likely have been your pick given their current form and fixture. Would anyone have chosen Brighton? Probably not, but as they had already shown in GW26, they’re a bit handy at home all of a sudden. Forgotten man Manolo Gabbiadini popped up with a 90th minute equaliser for Southampton, another clean sheet gone in FPL, but a nice predictable 1-1 in B&P – Winning!! The Sunday results were nothing out of the ordinary, although many would have hoped (and predicted) that Spurs managed more than just the solitary goal against Palace. With the game-week officially still on-going (Arsenal v Man City play Thursday – weather permitting) there won’t be any winners reveale...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW28

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW28 Looking at last game-week, there are only a couple of scores that really standout. The obvious one is of course Newcastle’s 1-0 victory over Man Utd, one half of the Brothers Chuckle is especially happy with that one! The other; Huddersfield’s 4-1 win over Bournemouth, the other half of the brothers Chuckle no doubt equally made up, given his love for a certain Aaron Mooy. The rest was all pretty much as expected; Man City scored loads and won, Watford showed their 4-1 win over Chelsea was a one-off, reverting to type in a 2-0 defeat West Ham and Spurs proved once more that they are top-dogs of North London with a 1-0 win over Arsenal. Many correctly predicted Harry Kane as first scorer (hardly a Mystic Meg moment), but its last week’s winner, the ma...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW27

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW27 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW27. This week it was a relatively low scoring affair here at B&P’s predictions. Chelsea getting spanked for the second week in a row didn’t help, and if you were looking to Brighton v West Ham and Bournemouth v Stoke for your predictable draws, you were clearly looking in the wrong place. Let hope normality returns to both FPL and B&P’s this coming game-week! LAST WEEKS WINNERS! All it took to win this week was 10pts, Init duly obliged and left Igy, Potty, Mito, Fieldy, Leprechaun and Bongo trailing in his wake with a 9pts. Great to have Potty back and straight into the weekly leaderboard this week! Thanks to everyone who entered, better luck next week everyone else! Weekly Leaderboard GW 27 Winner ...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW24

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW24 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW24. GW23 felt good in many respects. No early kick-offs or fancy ‘Friday Night Football’ to confuse matters, with 6 fixtures played at the traditional 3 o’clock Saturday slot. Those predicting the first goal scorer suffered accordingly. Chelsea obviously thought they were playing on Sunday, failing to turn up when most were predicting a win that never materialised. Liverpool threw a spanner in the works, their 4-3 win the reverse result many predicted. The big shock result of the week came on Sunday with Bournemouth beating Arsenal 2-1. Arsène Wenger said he left Alexis Sánchez at home, he probably wishes he’d left a few more there too. LAST WEEKS WINNER! A strong showing from the contributors once again this...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW14

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW14 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW14. Hello and welcome to Barry and Paul’s GW14 Predictions. Games are going to come thick and fast now as we start heading into the hectic Christmas period but that just makes it more exciting right?! This past weekend threw up some surprising results most notably the Baggies grabbing a draw against Tottenham. This has lead to some differing points scored by all you entrants but it was certainly a tight one! LAST WEEKS WINNER! Mito was the winner in GW13! He scored 13 points just edging out Smash10 who came second with 11 points and a further four players were back on 10 points, better luck next week everyone! Congrats to Mito so please contact FF247 at contact@fantasyfootball247.co.uk to get your hands...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW13

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW13 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW13. I’ll admit we were feeling a little apprehensive ahead of launching our very first predictions competition last week. Potty’s substantially proportioned footwear are indeed too big to fill; more like clown shoes on myself and my fellow Chuckle Brother’s average sized feet, which is perhaps quite fitting. Thankfully you all embraced the competition, 52 entries was more than we could have hoped for, we even received predictions from the man himself, a real honour, thanks Potty. LAST WEEKS WINNER! Bigpopz was the big winner in GW12! Popz finished on 13pts, enough to see off second placed runners up DMC and Jamie MC on 12 pts each, better luck next time guys! Many congratulations Bigpopz, please c...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW12

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW12 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW12. We are sure you all remember the infamous Potty’s Predictions. Well, it’s back, sort of! Same skin, new hosts. Think Countdown and Carol Vorderman. And Rachel Riley. Did we lose you for a minute there?! Get your minds back out of the gutter and back on the Chuckle Brothers. That ought to do it. So, who the heck are Barry and Paul we hear you ask? It’s simply what we affectionately refer to regular site writers Matt and Rosco as behind the scenes. And so it was only fitting that the hapless duo combined to fill the sizeable shoes of Potty to bring you the new weekly Predictions Comp. There will be prizes too. Each weekly winner will be the proud recipient of an FF247 t-shirt. So wit...[Read More]

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