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Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update


Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (perhaps advisable right now) you will be aware that the Premier League have suspended all fixtures until (at least) April 4th. In essence this means that we will miss GW’s 30 & 31 and resume in GW32. Whether the 32 target actually happens is a different matter but for now that is what we are being told to work towards. We just wanted to make you aware of a few key things…

FPL have released the following on Twitter;

    To pick the bones out of that, essentially what it all means is;

  • GW’s 30 & 31 will still happen, albeit in a ghost fashion.
  • You’ll get zero points awarded (unless you somehow still take a hit!).
  • Any moves you make (be that transfers, hits, chips) will still count and be there whenever (if) we resume.
  • They’ve waffled on about the FPL Cup and how it all affects H2H leagues but who really cares!

We appreciate that the above is short ‘n sweet but that is all you need to know in a nutshell. We shall update this accordingly as and when we know more.

Please feel free to continue to chat amongst yourselves as usual and add any relevant info in the comments if you see / hear anything pertinent to the above.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update.

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  1. 55
    AK47 says:

    Should I be making any transfers? Got 2 FTs £0.2 ITB but I can’t really see any point.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 56
    GentleBenAKA says:

    For what it’s worth (nothing?) I did Dendoncker and Boly to Sarr and Doherty with my 2FT.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 56.1

      I think it’s definitely worth doing whilst we have FT’s building up which many will now simply lose. I got DDG in for McCarthy this week, not a move I’d usually make but while I can I did.

      Gear’s advice the other day was sage;

      Click on image to enlarge:

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Hey all
          I dont even know where to start with FF at the moment!!
          what gameweek do I look at, who do I bring in!!
          My strategy has gone out the window like most peoples!

        • Hammers, we don’t really know but the assumption would be to work from GW30 being where they resume from and that they’ll go from there.

          Deadlines for transfers need to be adhered to though as tonight’s for 31 has passed already. Site Team missed it as I forgot it was a Friday one! Not that it matters massively as we all have about 4 or 5 weeks to play FT’s now, maybe more, maybe less. We’ll do a Site Team article next week to hopefully freshen things up a bit and remind everybody of what the deadlines are etc, etc.

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Well that has buggered things really as I did no transfers as thought everything had halted.
          At least I had 7 players for GW31, and already had Mane(c), salah (v) lol so suppose I am covered double lol

          So I take it, we should still do transfers if we feel appropriate?????

        • Yep, do them if necessary, albeit a bit blindly. I’ve done 1 tonight myself, even though I thought (without thinking) the deadline was Sat. Site Team lost one tonight. But we are discussing next weeks already.

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Well, as I didnt used mine.
          Not sure its worth using any of mine as such, as I was originally looking to FH in gw34

          By the time the games are supposedly going to start, I was going to WC!!! (gw36)

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          not sure i understand…. which isnt difficult

        • GentleBenAKA says:

          Gear said he’s drawn up his ideal team, and he’s now using the FT every week to slowly get his current team towards his ideal team.

          Init said this was sage. I agreed.

        • I still agree smile

          Although I’ll add in that there are of course some stray fixtures that are still to be added once we get going again; and these will create DGW’s regardless of the new schedule. I’ll (re) collate these later and post in a better format but basically they are as follows; (teams circled are the teams, teams on the right are the vs fixture, obvs) wink2

          Click on image to enlarge:

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          it was my intention, and maybe others, to WC in gw36 (assuming it still goes ahead.
          If it does, is this still a viable time to WC?

        • Otieno says:

          Init, The six games you have highlighted will probably go back to being a full game week with the four that would have been played in that week. There is only MC v ARS and AV v SHU will will not be in a full GW and I feel that these may even end up being triples. What the FA do with the Cup is a different matter

  3. 57
    Jamie Mc says:

    If I am understanding what the game is suggesting, there will be a game 36 and 37 and a mega game week 38.

    Anyone with triple captain, free hit, bench boost and wild card will have to lose one of them. Is that the correct interpretation of the rules.

    I did a transfer prior to the deadline tonight as I had two free transfers.

    Transferred out harry wilson of Bournemouth and brought in Mason mount.

    I only have bench boots and wild card left so will be wild carding in game week 37 and bench boost in game week 38.

    Stay safe everyone.


    • 57.1
      Jamie Mc says:

      Oops boost instead of boots; damn predictive text.


    • 57.2

      Honestly not sure what they’ll do with it Jamie. It’d make more sense from a ‘game’ POV to either revert back to GW30 and crack on from there or re-classify each one or start at 36 and have a 39, a 40, a 41 etc.

      Otherwise GW38 will be ridiculous. I could be wrong here as it’s a bit early but I reckon from looking at the fixture tracker that there are roughly 84 scheduled games left plus the other 8 previously unscheduled, so 92. That’d mean GW38 would have 72 games grin

      Can’t see that happening!

    • 57.3
      Otieno says:

      FPL have made a statement that GW 32 – 35 deadlines will stay at the same times so Jamie is right. We can now at the best only have DGW 36, DGW 37, and mega 38. Although one of 36/37 could even be a treble. So BB 38 is a certainty for me. Whether I WC 37 and FH 36 or vice versa will depend on the fixtures.

  4. 58
    MHD says:

    Since we have no fantasy running, may be it is time for bragging rights.
    What was your highest ever GW score during your fantasy reign?
    Mine was 137 last season, GW34 with bench boost.
    Come on, everyone smile

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 59
    AllanBrallan says:

    So, 2ft and nothing itb…

    Not sure on what to do here. But with 2 ft’s i might as well do something. This delay might be enough for tammy to get fit again so not so sure about giroud anymore…

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 60
    Terminator says:

    I hope everyone is doing ok.

    My set-up for GW36.

    Click on image to enlarge:

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