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Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update


Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (perhaps advisable right now) you will be aware that the Premier League have suspended all fixtures until (at least) April 4th. In essence this means that we will miss GW’s 30 & 31 and resume in GW32. Whether the 32 target actually happens is a different matter but for now that is what we are being told to work towards. We just wanted to make you aware of a few key things…

FPL have released the following on Twitter;

    To pick the bones out of that, essentially what it all means is;

  • GW’s 30 & 31 will still happen, albeit in a ghost fashion.
  • You’ll get zero points awarded (unless you somehow still take a hit!).
  • Any moves you make (be that transfers, hits, chips) will still count and be there whenever (if) we resume.
  • They’ve waffled on about the FPL Cup and how it all affects H2H leagues but who really cares!

We appreciate that the above is short ‘n sweet but that is all you need to know in a nutshell. We shall update this accordingly as and when we know more.

Please feel free to continue to chat amongst yourselves as usual and add any relevant info in the comments if you see / hear anything pertinent to the above.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update.

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  1. 67
    Kralin says:

    I hope everyone is well and staying inside.

    I salute the guy in France I think who ran a marathon on his balcony.

  2. 68
    Jamie Mc says:

    My boss phoned me tonight to say don’t come to work for a few days at least.

    Got financial year end stuff to deal with xo would like to go to the office for a few hours later in the week.

    As a side issue and an SNP supporter, is boris doing well or still a twat; can’t really make my mind up.


    • 68.1
      Rosco says:

      I think he’s doing well, I’m actually growing to like him which I never thought would happen.

    • 68.2


      Unless you are critical service or a key worker you shouldn’t be making any attempt to attend work.

      I myself have year-end work – I close out financials for roads projects – and although I have almost everything to hand here at home, I have had to occasional ‘best fit’ some things because my office has the shutters down. I think there must be some sort of leeway given to people in this circumstance.

      I am neither Tory or SNP and therefore not a fan of Boris or Nicola but this is way bigger than either of them and I’ll take their advice funnelled to them by medical and scientific advice.

      Rishi Sunak does seem to speak well however.

    • 68.3

      Jamie, I think the below pic sums up what he’s doing very nicely.

      As for work, just stay at home please.

      • Zed Leppelin says:

        He has always looked truly knackered big-lol

      • Horse says:

        With the benefit of hindsight it seems that running down the NHS for over a decade was a really stupid idea. The NHS struggles at the best times and won’t cope with this virus
        My partner is a nurse and I cannot see beyond the empty promises he makes, when the health professionals are not looked after either with proper personal protection equipment or testing to see if they have the virus and are unwittingly passing it on.
        He somehow makes himself out to be a big hero when it’s the health workers who are the heroes and are being so badly led down by him and his negligent government.
        I am so angered by his glib assertion that people will lose loved ones.
        So yes we should stay in to help our beleaguered NHS.

    • 68.4
      Kralin says:

      Anyone taken in by BJ* needs their head examining. His ‘I’m a buffoon pretending to be a clever man pretending to be a buffoon’ shtick wore thin years ago.

      The (right-wing) journalist Peter Oborne has a long list somewhere of his myriad lies and obfuscations.

      There was an argument, made semi-seriously a week or so ago, that if Labour had been in government and handled the crisis in the way it’s being handled**, there would have been a Coup d’état to remove them by now.

      *During the election C4 News was allowed to film a focus group that was meeting in Dudley. At first I thought it was a deeply subtle political broadcast for Labour before I realised it was serious and these people weren’t highly skilled method actors. The individuals were basically parotting Brexit and anti-Labour lines fed straight from the Mail / Express. At one point BJ was described as a ‘loveable clown’. The anti-Labour material resembled the two-minutes of hate in 1984.

      **the latest being that the main caveat to ‘it’s critical you stay at home’ is ‘unless your boss tells you to come in’.

      • No.17 on the latest quiz is proving somewhat difficult… smile

      • AJW says:

        Speaking of 1984 – does any criticism of Boj mean that many of us will be seeing each other at The Chestnut Tree Café after it’s all over, sort of half recognizing but not acknowledging the presence of the others? Oops that sounds dark dunnit? Nah don’t worry, Boj is just finally advising people to do what every country in the world is doing.. We’ll be alright guys – stick together (apart) with a stiff upper lip, the spirit of the Blitz and it’ll be right again in the near future. I for one am quietly confident and een tho times will be difficult, we’ll pull out of it in the not so distant future. Keep safe one and all. smile Cheerio !

        • AJW says:

          Am happy as long as I have a steady stock of Victory Gin to help! smile

        • Kralin says:

          The boot’s been stamping down on our faces for a while now, AJW. We’ve been sat in that cafe for some time (or not, as the case may currently be).

          Hope things are going ok in France. I’m reading that the same equipment issues – in the sense of getting decent kit – dogging us over here have been causing problems there as well.

        • AJW says:

          Just thought of the relevance of the book to our society (not the obvious Internet = Telescreen), in that on-line versions of our favourite newspapers (eg. my beloved Guardian) would have been perfect organs for the Ministry of Truth, as articles can be written, updated and modified, without the general public batting an eyelid! Would have made WInston’s job much easier. Oops, gotta go – can hear my boss answering my question – she says ‘Yes, you are the dead!’ smile

        • Kralin says:

          Plenty of stuff, even at the low-level of Winston and Julia’s sex being filmed and then sold on as pornography for the proles.

          Personal favourite Orwell novel is Coming Up For Air, a good one for people with a bit of time to fill. It broke my bleedin’ ‘eart.

        • Evening Kralin! I was dreading tonight’s catch up just in case you were self-employed smile I’ll assume not!

          Already had to give my best friend ‘down the banks’ for it on FB…. #prayforMike rofl

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Why is it that so often when people talk about unfairness it’s always them being at a disadvantage, rather than realizing all the times when they are actually benefitting from an unfair situation? It’s the same as in football when your team concedes a clear offside goal versus your team scoring a clear offside goal, have you ever heard of a fan getting angry cause his team won unjustly? #JustSaying

        • Kralin says:

          The disquiet – or unfairness – is linked to many things; at a deeper level, perhaps, at the government steering people away from a basic income. The level of complexity of the different payments available is I imagine quite baffling. People outside of secure employment are having to adjust very quickly to a world that is dissolving underneath their feet. People in paid, secure employment haven’t quite that anxiety (to add to all the other anxieties).

        • Kralin says:

          Evening Inittowinit. No, not self-employed.

          Trying to persuade myself a drink will not knock my immune system too much but will hold off until tomorrow. I’ve seen some engagingly amateurish (maybe creative is a better word) face masks (from my windows and on the daily jog).

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Yes, there are a myriad of anxieties around the world, new ones and old ones, people with first world problems can ease their pain easily by taking a quick glance at third world problems though smile

        • Kralin says:

          That (reductive) argument could loop around itself for hours.

    • 68.5
      Elleffcee says:

      J, hes a f**kin tw*t, just like the rest of the conservative ba**ards. If he was in the road i’d run him over and then bang it into reverse and go back over him just to make sure.

  3. 69
    Bigperm1980 says:

    Everybody gangsta till bozzer shuts it down.

  4. 70

    For anyone who is super bored.

    Name the footballers….

  5. 71
    Terminator says:

    Hope everyone is doing ok.

  6. 72

    Good morning everyone.

    Hope we are all well and protecting ourselves as best we can.

    Working from home and the systems are sooooooo slow.

    Plus side is, I’m flying through my football reading and listening whilst I “work” in the background.

    • 72.1
      Raziel says:

      Wrote times… It is actually amazing distraction from other stuff I was dealing with. Lol. But still nasty. Mostly concerned for the people with weaker health and the people at risk in my environment.

    • 72.2

      First world problems eh GP! #prayforGP’sinternetconnection wink2 Hope you are well though!

      Good to hear from you Raz. Probably just ‘a’ smile

      • Yeah really struggling here mate. My year end’s are almost done do that’s the main thing this week.

        I’m nearly getting through a book every two days!


        • What are you reading, just out of interest?

        • Kralin says:

          Since you ask, Fair Stood the Wind for France

          Needed a bit of escapism this week.

          Yourself? Godfather reread?

        • I wish I’d had the chance. Work all day, dinner, a few cheeky beers, bed. Rinse, repeat. The odd glance at the site in-between. Odd times.

          We nearly did a Site Team article this week before we realised that this is actually the IB, in some alternate reality…..

        • Kralin says:

          Doesn’t sound too bad.

          I’m completely knackered most evenings.

          With the alternate reality that may one day (in June) become reality.

          It did occur to me that if that does happen there will almost be no gap between one fantasy season ending and another beginning.

        • About a month, is the theory.

        • Init,

          I’m not the most varied reader at all. In fact, it’s exclusively football so far.

          Michael Cox’s The Mixer
          All Played Out (Italia 90),
          A Season with Verona (Tim Parks)
          A Life Too Short (Ronald Reng) about the late Robert Enke.

          Older ones which I’ve never gotten round to basically.

        • Kralin says:

          What’s the best book – or rather what are the best books, if that’s easier – that you’ve ever read about football, Gallant Pioneer? Your real favourites.

        • Hey Kralin,

          I have to say that I really enjoyed The Mixer by Michael Cox for two main reasons. It covers tactical and system development in football which I love reading about but anyway.

          Secondly, it focuses on the Premier League era which I’m fascinated with and pushes the old nostalgia button at the same time.

          For entirely different reasons, Ronald Reng’s book (written from notes intended for an autobiography with Robert Enke) was released after his death and deals with a personal story and talk about pressure, timing in football and Enke’s crippling depression, was a brilliant book.

          I really fancy the new ‘Price of Football’ book by Kieran Maguire. so that’ll be next I think.

        • I’m not massively into football books, strangely, but I’ll defo give that Cox one a go good

        • Definitely recommend it. I’ve loaned it out to a mate already otherwise I could have posted it to you.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          On a completely different note, has anyone read “Say Nothing” by Patrick Radden Keefe, it’s a wonderful narrative on the Norther Ireland situation in the 70s, the troubles and all that, it’s quite fascinating in my view, all that stuff going on not at all that long ago…

        • Kralin says:

          Thanks GP – all food for thought. They sound interesting.

          I’ve always struggled a bit with sports’ books, mainly because (I think) there can be some much drama / emotional stuff going on within the game (or whatever) itself that reading about it can seem slightly flat, if that makes any sense. But the books you speak of sound like they transcend that a bit.

        • Kralin says:

          Don’t know that one, Zed. Will check it out.

          May The Lord in His Mercy be Kind to Belfast (Tony Parker) is really worth a look, if you’re interested in The Troubles. I’d be surprised it it wasn’t in the bibliography of the book you’re reading (but maybe it isn’t).

          Others off the top of my head:

          Silver’s City Maurice Leitch
          The Ultras Eoin McNamee

          There’s a really good film called Elephant, directed by Alan Clarke, that may be available. Very short and to the point.

          I’ll look up ‘frond’ in the Shorter Oxford tomorrow if I remember. See if there’s anything deeper we can drag out.

      • Raziel says:

        Probably just ‘a’. Reading back the rest of the message, I have no idea what I was trying to say with ‘Wrote times…’
        If I can’t understand my own messages, how can other people? I feel sorry yall. 😉

        How are you guys coping? I’m really missing a lot of distraction I sort of need. FPL is one of them. On a positive note, the shit with corona makes I worry less about my eyes. Haha. 😉

        • We tend to get the gist of them Raz so you’re ok! You underestimate your own grasp of English. Took me years, going back to FFC, to even realise you weren’t.

          All good here thanks, just back from a hellish week in work and finally got a few days off. Hopefully symptom free ones but we shall see…

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