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Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update


Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (perhaps advisable right now) you will be aware that the Premier League have suspended all fixtures until (at least) April 4th. In essence this means that we will miss GW’s 30 & 31 and resume in GW32. Whether the 32 target actually happens is a different matter but for now that is what we are being told to work towards. We just wanted to make you aware of a few key things…

FPL have released the following on Twitter;

    To pick the bones out of that, essentially what it all means is;

  • GW’s 30 & 31 will still happen, albeit in a ghost fashion.
  • You’ll get zero points awarded (unless you somehow still take a hit!).
  • Any moves you make (be that transfers, hits, chips) will still count and be there whenever (if) we resume.
  • They’ve waffled on about the FPL Cup and how it all affects H2H leagues but who really cares!

We appreciate that the above is short ‘n sweet but that is all you need to know in a nutshell. We shall update this accordingly as and when we know more.

Please feel free to continue to chat amongst yourselves as usual and add any relevant info in the comments if you see / hear anything pertinent to the above.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football (has been suspended!) Update.

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  1. 62
    AllanBrallan says:

    Since the Gw’s go on as usuall, and i guess that there wont be any extra gw’s. Will gw 36-38 all be triple gw’s?

  2. 63
    gramps says:

    Scored 0 this GW yet went down 285 places. How come?

    • 63.1
      Carolyn says:

      Did you make a transfer? I am sure that if you are on the same points as other players the next thing they use to determine places is the number of transfers made.

      • gramps says:

        Cheers Carolyn. Seems a bit harsh as I’m using the weekly transfers rather than lose them.

        • Otieno says:

          I think it might take a bearing on the lowest onfield TV if points are equal. Looking at last week’s dream team, I transferred out Auba for Ayew this week to drop my TV and got position 1 OR

        • Otieno says:

          Just checked everyone got OR 1. There’s my glory gone!
          But I did get a small green arrow and I used an FT. Maybe others used two or more

        • Carolyn says:

          It’s not really about this weeks transfer, it is total transfer over the season. For example if you are in a league with four other teams and all five of you finish the season on the exact same points then the order of the league is decided by the number of transfers each player has made.

        • The Padster says:

          Otieno, you didn’t make a ft, that is why you are ranked GW#1

  3. 64
    gramps says:

    Looking at my ML those that made a tf were ranked 7335033 for GW. Those who did not make a tf were ranked 1 !!.

  4. 65
    gramps says:

    afternoon all, could someone clarify transfers during postponed period. FPL says “transfers, wildcards and chips used during period will not be reinstated” Does this mean that each weekly transfer not used will accumulate and be available at the restart so we could have 6/7 ft’s to use in one week with no hit?

  5. 66

    Not sure if this has been posted but that seems to me like we will resume at GW30.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 66.1
      GoalMachine says:

      I have stopped thinking now… too many ifs and buts. I can see buying and selling are going on.
      Krul (Nor) increased in price…. god knows why ppls r buying him. As 2nd GK?

      • Presumably a downgrade to raise cash. All I’ve done so far is upgrade my keeper to DDG.

        • Kralin says:

          Evening Inittowinit

          I got classified a key-worker myself late last week and it’s just head down now until the light starts to appear. It was a relief to have a coherent message at last (lock-down), though more will have to be done.

          How are things with you?

        • Hi Kralin,

          Lucky you! I’m all good thanks, as we speak… hope you are well. Had two days off and I’m back at it first thing tomorrow. Managed to arrange some stuff today which means that the boys can stay off school rather than the Petri dish alternative, which is a big relief. They’re made up anyway, even caught them doing their online homework without a prompt today.

          What are the next measures do you imagine? I hadn’t actually thought of anything beyond these steps. I actually thought it’d be shops today and lockdown around about Wednesday but pleased he’s jumped in on that immediately.

        • On a (slightly) separate note, and this will perhaps make you chuckle, my wife had just 20 kids turn up for school today, out of 400. Which was a result. They did have to turn about another 25 away though who weren’t classed as key workers. 2 of whom had knowingly unemployed parents! WTAF…. dash

        • Kralin says:

          I don’t know. I’d like to see a bigger public information effort (six feet away is better than six feet under) because the police will struggle to enforce the lock-down. I’m hoping it sinks in though it may take more time. I daresay we’ll be presented with nightmarish images of crowded tubes etc tomorrow. I’m tuning the media out bar a couple of updates per day (plus of course am getting info via work) to try to stop my brain becoming overloaded.

          Otherwise keep testing as much as possible. Quarantining would be good. Someone in my household gets it we’re all going to get it, though we’re socially distancing our toothbrushes now.

        • Kralin says:

          I’m hearing of schools offering limited hours a couple of days a week.

          20 turning up is terrific and I knew there would be a few chancers out there – or maybe they’re just unable to cope? Or just didn’t get it, more like. But they had to turn them away as we have more than enough vulnerable people (of all ages) to worry about. And contact.

        • We’ll see, hopefully people will finally get the message that this is serious. Mike Ashley aside, apparently! Good to catch up anyway and probably speak tomorrow night good

      • Kralin says:

        I’ve just parked my fantasy football thoughts – all football thoughts – until we start to see the back of the pestilence. Something to enjoy once things pick up. Maybe people just enjoyed Krul’s exemplary theatrics during the cup game.

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