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Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Fixture Tracker - Fantasy Premier League 2014-15We’ve all seen a few different ways of viewing upcoming fixtures, and the one that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years is the colour-coded one. With this, you can instantly see each team’s approaching fixtures with an accompanying colour that corresponds to the difficulty of each match. This is very useful for both identifying teams that are potentially about to have a great run due to a kind set of fixtures, and also identifying weaker teams that can rotate well, i.e. when one team has a bad fixture the other will have a decent one, so you swap between the two players. For more info on rotation, check out Mito’s somewhat exceptional article on it 😉 Rotation Analysis Home and Away and Favourable fixtures

Many of these colour-coded tickers only show a few weeks in advance, which is very helpful for short-term plans, but not if you’re planning transfers for the long-term. It is understandable that these tickers are short-term, as teams’ form tends to fluctuate as the season progresses, so if you made a season-long ticker now, it may well not be a good reflection of how difficult a match is come Christmas or Easter. Who knows, maybe Villa will get off to a blinder and win 10 out of 15 (hahaha!), in which case a game against them would no longer be considered easy. Also, sometimes we may even disagree with the colour a certain match has been assigned by the fantasy football gurus that make the tickers! The ticker I have made is designed with both of these points in mind, and can be updated throughout the season as and when you see fit.

Customisable Tracker
Some of you may already have seen my earlier prototype after I posted it on the boards last week (much to init’s dismay :p ) – I have since added all 38 GWs to the tracker, modified the colours used and added a new custom search for individual teams, so even if you had the original please do use this updated version instead.

fig1 And it works like this: I have split up all 20 teams into four groups of similar ability, and then given every possible combination (of which there are 32) a difficulty rating of between A and E (5 difficulties as opposed to 3 for greater accuracy). Both of these factors are the variables that you can change, and doing so will automatically update the colours in your fixtures tab. Simply click on the ‘Variables’ tab as shown in fig.1, change any of the values in the cyan-coloured columns shown in fig. 2,fig2 and you will be able to view your very own customised 38 GW fixture tracker as shown in the main image above. This is all explained in more detail in the ‘How It Works’ tab. Finally, I have made a ‘Compare Fixtures’ tab as well – this allows you to select only the teams you wish in order to see just how well they compare and/or rotate, without having the distraction of all 20 teams’ colours present. If you wish to use this tool then select the ‘Compare Fixtures’ tab and then click on the ‘Add Team’ drop-down menu as shown in fig. 3 and choose the team you want. You can do this with as many or as few teams as you wish. Though it seems rather simple, I found this last feature very tricky and would not have been able to make it work as well as it does without the help of Dreamers, so a huge thanks to him!

fig3I have made the link read-only, so as to preserve the template in its original format for everyone in case the formulas stop working. Just save your own version of the file, and you will be able to customise it entirely as you see fit. Please bear in mind that this was made with Google Sheets and is intended to be used in that format so it can be saved in favourites for easy access; if you download it with Excel then the margins and borders will probably be off so will need adjusting. I am always open to suggestions for ways to improve it, so feel free to send me a message or post a comment below to that effect if you have any ideas. And finally, I have double- and triple-checked the fixtures, but there are a lot of them and after a point they all tend to blur together, so if you spot any mistakes please let me know as soon as possible!

Click the link below for the file. Hope it helps a few of you, happy customising.

Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Thanks for reading Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by Calvin Clyne

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  1. 13
    FF247 says:


    I would characterize that team as a solid 9. Nugent and Hendo have bad fixtures, plus Henderson in particular averages about 3 points a game. For that kind of production you better off playing Barton who is cheaper and has set pieces in his locker. Honestly I believe I would just go with Siggy and take any possible lumps that come with his first fixture, overall his are better and with minutes he is by far a better fantasy producer. Nugent has a mare of fixtures to start out with, so he might have a rough go of it at the beginning. You are barely going to want to play Moore because of the aforementioned fixtures problem. Bruce is debatable as a starter, but for now he is a player you can hold until we get a bit more info, although judging by the Europa qualifier it looks like he could start. The rest looks good to me. Male sure De Jong plays his next game so you can be assured he is fully fit. All the indications is that he is, but better safe than sorry.

  2. 14
    Josh721 says:

    This is amazing Calvin!!! Such a great help for all of us.

  3. 16
    KungFuKingCantona says:

    Quality work. Doing all this requires a shitload of patience and also we have to admit math skills. Which I do not have. So I will not save the template and play with it because I may end up finding new colours and inventing a formula that will bugger my limited understanding of this master piece.
    Virtual high five to Calvin Clyne!

    • 16.1
      Calvin Clyne says:

      None of that is needed KingEric! As long as you only change the things in the cyan columns you can’t possibly mess it up, and it shouldn’t take very long setting up your own valuations. It’s not for everyone though of course, not trying to force it on you smile

  4. 17
    Silverback says:

    Hi Calvin not just a pretty boy then great work lets just hope no one is colour blind well done Cal

    • 17.1
      Calvin Clyne says:

      That never occurred to me Silverback, good point! There are instructions inside on how to change the colours though so anyone that’s colour-blind could change the colours to patterns instead I think.. It won’t be as clear but I’m not sure what else to suggest.

  5. 18
    musungu says:

    Can anyone explain why Barkley at 7.0 is the most selected midfielder at 29% ?
    I cannot see it although there has been much hype about him, and I have not seen him selected by any/many in FF247

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