FanTeam CL Wednesday (11th March) – Free Ticket Giveaway

FanTeam CL Wednesday (11th March) – Free Ticket Giveaway Now I’m not usually one to boast (fantasy cricket aside) (and Ilicic ) but having already had a couple of winners at Cheltenham yesterday I was feeling a bit lucky and so when I got a call from the good people at FanTeam asking if I fancied a few free trial tickets for their Tuesday night CL games I naturally thought ‘oh go on then, why not…’. Three hours later and I was suddenly €530.44 richer! And it took me about 2 minutes to enter. And I only came 4th. Seriously… To celebrate this we are offering you all the chance to do likewise. There are two levels of free entry here; NEW USERS* If you are new to FanTeam you can claim a €20 ticket to tonight’s CL game simply by clicking here to register and ...[Read More]

CL Tuesday New format: Pursuit (10th March) – Preview

CL Tuesday New format: Pursuit (10th March) – Preview Finally, the second legs of the Champions League round of sixteen begin, starting on Tuesday with Leipzig-Tottenham and Valencia-Atalanta. Sign up here! First of all I have prepared a table for you again: Here are the 4 teams that will play this Tuesday. We can see their probability of winning, the probability of them scoring a goal and the probability of them having a clean sheet. It quickly becomes clear that Leipzig outperforms in all categories and Tottenham is the tail light. Leipzig wins by 62%, Tottenham only by 16%, Leipzig scores 86%, Tottenham only by 59%. Accordingly the clean sheet probabilities: As usual, we look at the defensive lines of all 4 teams first. For this we take the average price at of the 4 most exp...[Read More]

Fanteam announces record-breaking €500,000 Fantasy Event – SCOFF 2020

Fanteam announces record-breaking €500,000 Fantasy Event – SCOFF 2020 Our valued partner Fanteam is doing the unbelievable! They are launching a Fantasy Football Event, which has a total guarantee of €500,000. This is by far the biggest Premier League contest in the history of Daily Fantasy Sports! The event is called SCOFF – Spring Championship of Fantasy Football and covers the last Premier League gameweeks. Why we are telling you this now then? Because you can already start to register for it; for the entry fee of €1. Yes, this is right, you are given the chance to turn €1 into €150,000 by playing Fantasy Football. Take some years off from work, buy a Lamborghini, or just use it as a deposit for your house; all sorts of things are possible with this win! It’s also possible to safe...[Read More]

Fanteam WCOFF winner did not tell anyone he was playing the Final

WCOFF winner did not tell anyone he was playing the Final The winner of this year´s World Championship of Fantasy Football on Fanteam is from Scotland. User ‘fscottl’ won the first prize of €30,000 by entering one of our €2 Euro qualifiers and playing his way to the top! The father of 4 boys works offshore on an oil rig and watches Premier League matches on the sea at night with his colleagues. Read our interview with the fresh crowned World Champion of Fantasy Football as he tells us how he approached his way to the top, how he built his winning squad and what he is going to do with all that money! As fscottl answers the phone, he is in a very cheerful state. We notice that he is genuinely happy about his triumph and seems very thankful throughout the entire interview. Hi fscottl! Thanks ...[Read More]

WCOFF 2019 – ‘fscottl’ turns €2 into €30,000!

WCOFF 2019 – ‘fscottl’ turns €2 into €30,000! UK DFS NEWCOMER “fscottl” TURNS €2 TO €30,000 & WINS THE 3RD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF FANTASY FOOTBALL ON FANTEAM You can´t make a story like this one up! An unbelievable effort by new DFS player ‘fscottl’ is worth a new car now. The UK-based Fantasy-Newbie left everyone behind and made his way up from paying €2 for a qualifier to getting paid €30,000 as the winner of WCOFF 2019! It was a thrilling Finale in the 3rd World Championship of Fantasy Football! 116 participants qualified through satellites or paid the entry fee of €1050. A €100,000 guaranteed prize pool grew to €116,000 while the first prize was endowed with €30,000. After the first round last Saturday, user ‘fscottl’ took the lead with 88 points, well helped by De Bruy...[Read More]

Guide to 50k Weekly Monster GW 7 – Teams & Players to watch

Guide to 50k Weekly Monster GW 7 – Teams & Players to watch In this week’s competition the SHU vs LIV early game is left out so we will not include the likes of Salah, Firmino or Mane in our team. Same goes for Sheffield United players. As the obvious picks from Manchester City should not be worth a long discussion, we will concentrate on the possible differentials, which can produce points for your Fantasy Squad. Tottenham Although Spurs have been mediocre at best, they play Southampton at home on Saturday. They have conceded 9 goals so far which is not that bad, but Spurs are coming off a huge defeat against Leicester last GW. We expect this to be a high scoring game and there is only one guy we would spend our money to get into our team. Son has already bagged 2 goals and 2 assists...[Read More]

Fanteam’s €100,000 Champions League Fantasy Game

Fanteam’s €100,000 Champions League Fantasy Game The guys at Fanteam are back with an all new fantasy tournament and this time they are going for Europe’s Elite! As advertised the prize pool is a guaranteed €100,000 to be shared between 600 rankings as well as best GW manager and highest round-score of the group stage. This tournament will not run for the whole UCL event but ONLY of the group stage so just for 6 Gameweeks. If I am honest this is better than the original UCL Fantasy where you have a Wildcard at every stage as the teams tend to template. Top 10 managers at the end of the tournament will win 4-digit cash prizes as per below table! Test your knowledge of the game at a European level and use the skills you acquired over the years playing FPL to win some cash. Game Rules •...[Read More]

Beginner’s guide to DFS Football / FanTeam €50,000 GW4 FF247 Comp

Beginner’s guide to DFS Football Beginner’s guide to DFS Football With the top football seasons underway, we are giving you an extended guide to Daily Fantasy Football on Fanteam. As the amount of members on the platform grows and continuously increasing guaranteed prize pools can be seen in the Fanteam Tournament-Lobby, this is your chance to convert your Football expertise into real money. Whether you are a Football expert, stepping into the Fantasy Sports world, or an actual FPL player, who wants to break into the realm of Daily Fantasy Football: this is your guide to begin with! What is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)? At first, the general concept of DFS looks very simple: you choose players and receive points for their individual actions on the pitch. In the end, the team with...[Read More]

FanTeam season long €250,000 game; late registration?

FanTeam season long €250,000 game; late registration? Why everyone should consider late registration on FanTeam for the Premier League season game? The upcoming reasoning applies for all of the players, no matter if you already have one or more teams in the competition. So, you definitely should read this through. For instance, me myself (and I!) have 6 teams in the competition since the first gameweek, and currently I’m thinking about the number of teams that I will construct before the start of the second gameweek. This all despite that I had a pretty decent first round. From all six teams I scored 77,5 to 100 points, but now let’s get to the point. Main reason: Overlay, overlay, overlay… No matter whether you’re playing DFS, sports betting, poker, casino games or whatever, you sho...[Read More]

FanTeam GW2; Join the €50,000 Monster game (for free!)

FanTeam GW2; Join the €50,000 Monster game (for free!) Having already launched a ridiculously monied season long game the guys over at FanTeam don’t stop there as they have fantastic weekly prizes to feast on too. The catch, you ask? Well, the catch is usually that you have to back yourself a bit by buying in to the game each week. This week’s main game has a buy in of €20 but with a prize pool of €50,000 this could be easy money for our experienced FPL’ers. Our patrners are ever generous though and as such we have 5 FREE ENTRIES to give away this week to our community. Each one is worth €20 (obviously). And winning one couldn’t be simpler; HOW TO GAIN FREE ENTRY To enter our free prize draw all we ask is that you post your FanTeam handle (nickname/username/call it ...[Read More]

How to play the €250,000 GTD season game on Fanteam

How to play the €250,000 GTD season game on Fanteam This year the season game is even more interesting than usual. The reason is Fanteam’s huge game with €250,000 guaranteed to be paid out. If you play well enough, you could exchange €25 with €50,000! There are many interesting aspects of the seasonal fantasy game. In this article we will look at some of them. At the end of the day, what matters is which players YOU decide to pick. But we have some ideas that you may want to consider. Advice number 1: Don’t spend too much money on forwards In our experience, the forwards generally are priced too high in the season game. Very few forwards return enough points to justify their high price. Since the expected value is low, mathematics dictate that we should not put in much money for players in...[Read More]

Fanteam offers a €250,000 Fantasy Premier League Season Tournament

Fanteam offers a €250,000 Fantasy Premier League Season Tournament Dear Community, as the pre-season is getting more interesting and you are already starting your analysis of the prices and fixtures, we have some big news for you. Our new £500 Regulars League sponsor, Fanteam, is offering a Premier League season game with a prize pot of an incredible €250,000. If that already sounds interesting to you, just wait for the following information. The first prize receives €50,000 and to be in the top 20 would still grant you a minimum payout of €1,500 (and that is ignoring the additional weekly and monthly prizes). Now you might think that the entry fee will be extremely high, but you can get a chance for life-changing money with only €25. (Yes, we couldn’t believe it at first either). We will ...[Read More]

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