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Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15 We’ve all seen a few different ways of viewing upcoming fixtures, and the one that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years is the colour-coded one. With this, you can instantly see each team’s approaching fixtures with an accompanying colour that corresponds to the difficulty of each match. This is very useful for both identifying teams that are potentially about to have a great run due to a kind set of fixtures, and also identifying weaker teams that can rotate well, i.e. when one team has a bad fixture t...[Read More]

Choosing a Fantasy Football Captain!

Choosing a Fantasy Football Captain! Is there an art to choosing a captain? Picture the scene… Its 11:20am Saturday morning and all is not well! The kids are buckled up in the car, the wife is stood at the front door jangling the car keys in your direction, her arms are folded and a single stream of muffled gibberish is filling the air. The dog sits, whimpering at your feet as you are sat in front of the computer sweating profusely, it senses your despair. Its decision time – Lukaku-Walcott, Walcott-Lukaku, or maybe Baines?? Sound familiar?? It’s a simple enough question and one we...[Read More]

Analysing Manchester City

Analysing Manchester City Despite winning the league last season, with the most potent attack and the 2nd best defence in the division it perhaps comes as somewhat of a surprise to see that their players have to date not proved more popular when it comes to selecting our initial FPL squads. Why is this the case? Unfortunately we don’t have the answer to this particular question, but obviously there are a number of mitigating factors, such as the late return of a number of their players following the World Cup, their difficult start to the season as well as a number of additions to the squad wh...[Read More]

Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2014-15

Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2014-15 Ok then so we saw quite a few requests for an updated ‘Set-Piece takers’ list on the comments recently and it jogged our memory that we hadn’t done one and as ever we took notice and decided to take action. We had a quick look around the offices of FF247 and found Eddy and Flingy slumped in the corner playing cards and a light bulb came on! So suddenly Eddy became our roving reporter and was whisked around the world to see all of the pre-season friendlies he could manage in order to bring you the latest set-piece table, while we...[Read More]

Transfer round up Part 6

Transfer round up Part 6 Carl Jenkinson (DEF – 5.0) The story from the training ground is that when Jenkinson first heard the rumors about going to West Ham, he thought it was some classic good honest English banter. He was still laughing when he was taken down into East London and presented with his very own West Ham shirt. “OMG guys, you’ve even put my name on the back! Wait, you look a lot like Fat Sa… Oh sh*t.”. The writing was probably on the wall when Debuchy signed. The writing was firmly underlined when Chambers rocked up at London Colney. So what now for young Jenkinson? Based o...[Read More]

The Pre-season Friendly Hub Part 3

The Pre-season Friendly Hub Part 3 We continue our pre-season round up by attempting to bring you the key information you will need ahead of the season, to assess ahead of the season proper in about two weeks time. Line-ups, scorers and assisters are all listed for the 20 FPL sides if they have played this weekend. The Gallant Pioneer has done a great job of posting other teams results in his last article’s comments section so check those out too!…

Fantasy Football 247 Team – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Fantasy Football 247 team – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15 We are delighted to announce that FF247 will be running a site team this year, which will be competing in the FF247 Classic and Manager of the Month Leagues as well as taking its bow in the Banterbury Leagues. The main objective of the team however is to give you all an insight into our thinking and planning, which we hope will not only help you with your teams but also prompt plenty of debate, banter and advice along the way. Clearly with over a fortnight still to go until the season kicks off, plenty can still happen with any o...[Read More]

Managers of the Round Table – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Managers of the Round Table – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15 We have gathered up six prestigious members / writers around Mito’s Round Table to answer a few quick fire questions in the lead up to the opening of the FPL season. They have been asked to make choices over some of the same key questions many of us are currently facing. As one would expect we got a wide range of varying answers, everything from a unanimous decision on formation to six different choices for Flop of the Year. See what our esteemed panel answered and please share your answers and views below, including that...[Read More]

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