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Fixtures GW29 and Planning ahead for the Double…

Fixtures GW29 and Planning ahead for the Double… – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Well this is the one we have all been dreading as there are just five fixtures this week, yes that’s right, count ’em in, just the five. And they’re not that appealing a five either to be perfectly honest. No Liverpool, no Man City, so that’s possibly half your team gone right there. It may be damage limitation for many this week as we expect most will be in the same boat and be worried about only being able to field seven, eight, nine players or so. While the double game-...Read More

An Idiot Abroad’s guide to MLS – part 1, Western Conference

An Idiot Abroad’s guide to MLS – Part 1, Western Conference The FIFA ‘Handshake for Peace’ party is in full swing and couples are gliding around the dancefloor to New Order’s “World in Motion”. Two lonely souls exchange wary glances from opposite corners of this crowded room; their mutual curiosity almost tangibly entangled. One takes a final swig of pimms and strides unsteadily towards the other… “I say. Surely no kingdom would in good conscience allow such a captivating light to leave their skies so dark. May I be so honoured as to learn ...Read More

Game-week 28 Review

Game-week 28 Review – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Everton 1-0 West Ham Goals: Lukaku Assists: Baines Bonus Points: Baines (3), Stones (2), Lukaku (2) Fantasy Focus: Everton: West Ham have been on a fantastic run so for Everton to keep them scoreless is a great effort. Fantasy managers who own Mirallas will not have been happy as he started on the bench. Leighton Baines showed how important he is to this Everton team as his attacking qualities caused problems for the Hammers defence finally resulting in him providing the assist for the goal. Lukaku was rightly tipped during the we...Read More

Live Match Chat Gameweek 28

Live Match Chat Game-week 28 – FPL Fantasy Premier League The deadline bell has rung, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week. Hopefully your players will perform, did you give the armband to the right ‘S’ from the SAS and will you see green arrows for your team this week? Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions a...Read More

Team Talk Gameweek 28

Team Talk Gameweek 28 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Let’s get this show on the road. All the debate about how many players we can field for GW29 and how many double game-weekers we can muster for GW31 can be temporarily put on hold as we enjoy the action of GW28 and count all those lovely points as they roll in. We are, of course, two games light this week as Man City and Sunderland fight it out for the Capital One Cup, meaning West Brom get to hold more internal meetings as to ascertain the best way forward, while Man Utd hold more meetings as to how they can get rid of Moyes wi...Read More

Tips Gameweek 28…. and 29

Tips, Gameweek 28…. and 29 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Well it has been quite a week in the world of Fantasy Football, albeit a strange one, as most of the big news and activity has been off the field of play as it has all been about two things. Initially it was about planning how on earth we were suppposed to field anything approaching a full team never mind a decent one for the next couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden we were handed what at first appeared to be some great news about a much enhanced double game-week in GW31. Great news until the implications of plannin...Read More

Pottys Predictions Competition Gameweek 28

Pottys Predictions Competition – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Welcome to another weekend of manic fun here at Pottys Bookies. After the midweek Champions League Comp its back to what we know best – the Premiership. But first let’s have a recap of the past 7 days here at Pottys. Last weekend saw my takings increase as 34 of you came through the door plus a dodgy looking South African who has now received a ban but as we all know bans can be broken!! So with 4 games to predict last week, all were low scoring affairs. A 1-1 draw at the Hawthorns followed by a late winner ...Read More

Captain Picks Gameweek 28

Captain Picks Gameweek 28 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Those that captained Daniel Sturridge over Luis Suarez in GW27 were reminded how rewarding getting your skipper choice correct is – while those that stayed loyal to Suarez were again left frustrated not only at him, but also at their own gutless behaviour – me included! Well, GW28 will provide the same dilemma for many, but with a few more supporters for Sturridge, I suspect! But away to Southampton is not the easiest, so let’s go through all the standout options.

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