Fantasy Football Captain Picks

The Captain’s Picks article, which will be released every Wednesday, will endeavor to sort out one of the most challenging problems FPL managers face – namely pick the member of your side who will accrue the most points and earn huge double point tallies for your fantasy team. We will concentrate on the most obvious looking selections each particular game-week and have a look at some comparable stats to see who, on paper, the best options are.

Captains Picks Game-week 38

WoW!! This is the end, hard to believe we have gone through the whole season already. Whether you feel your ranking is worthy of celebration or you plan to hide for the summer in shame, I thank you for spending your time with us. It has been a pleasure writing for this site and a bigger one interacting with this ever growing community. FPL can be fun, but can also be a grind, particularly in those bad game-weeks when we feel like flushing our teams down the toilet. It certainly helps to have a whole host of members we can consider friends to help laugh off the frustration of another genius decision gone wrong. I hope that we have helped you along the way and we have made you laugh a little. So Raise your Glass! We have made it to the finish line and now it is time to sit back and relax for...Read More

Captain’s Picks Double Game-week 37

Captain’s Picks Double Game-week 37 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League So here I sit thinking of what to write. The Mrs is pumping some girly music in the background and has Titanic on the tube. This I promise you though, none of that feminine crap will affect this article as I start Rolling in the Deep and look at the options for Capo. With it so near the end of the season, getting this captaincy right could prove to be better than running naked in a rainstorm, not that I ever have. It seems Rooney is the top candidate for this game-week, but if you are like me then you change your mind like a girl changes clothes. That being the case we must address other possibilities for those that can’t put a ring on it (commit) and suffer from a permanent state of second-guessingness. So let...Read More

Captains Picks Game-week 36

Captains Picks Game-week 36 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League A short time ago in an FPL galaxy very close by… there was a 3 day period of great doubt. Different captaincy options started to appear, threatening to break the stranglehold that the Dark side had over our minds. Could it be possible that a brave bunch of rebel managers would dare take on the Galactic Empire? Perhaps seeing an opportunity to break free from the chains that bound them a la Leia to Jabba, many would now seek to challenge authority sensing vulnerability. While the lord of the Siths, Darth Suarez has to deal with the Chelsea defence; we see his apprentice, Darth Kun (Sith rule of Two, obviously) take on Pulis and his Palace side. Is it time for Wayne Skywalker or even Yoda Mata to step up? Or is there ano...Read More

Captains Picks Game-week 35

Captains Picks Game-week 35 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Well, well, well, it looks like my old nemesis Luis Suarez and I meet again. There is probably no bigger detriment to my continued employment than the Uruguayan. While all managers have fantasies about Luis running wild (not streaking I hope) I am left stricken with nightmares. Nothing makes a Captaincy article writer sicker than a Suarez hat-trick. He dares us to look somewhere else and when we do he punishes us in a very inhumane way. Nevertheless there are other options and while it takes all the FPL courage you can muster or simply being nuts to pick someone else, we can always look to wine & dine lady luck and ask her to not let the Big Bad Wolf eat us alive. Simply said, “I need a Hero” Where have all the goo...Read More

Captains Picks Gameweek 34

Captains Picks Gameweek 34 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Another big double game-week has arrived! I don’t know about you, but I have went and bought some Cuban cigars and plan to light them up as my team rakes in 100+ points again. I love GW34 and do you know why? Because you can’t read this captaincy article and say “I am still going Suarez” – that’s right, Mr. D.Fault is not so automatic this week. On top of the misfortune of not having your “Precious” as a great option, if your captain fails this week you might be in deep doo doo. But don’t fret because as a close friend of mine once said “Never was anything great achieved without danger” (Machiavelli) and I am actually very sure he was foreshadowing this double game-week. There will be several captaincy ships steam...Read More

Captains Picks Gameweek 33

Captains Picks Gameweek 33 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Game-Week 32 is behind us now and after the some of the highs we felt in the Double in 31, most of us came crashing down to earth with some very low scores. A famous FPL manager once said “I think the highest and lowest points are the important ones. Anything else is just…in between.” (Jim Morrison) so if you were on that rollercoaster the last two weeks, congratulations for basically ending up where you started. Captaincy can be viewed one of several ways by managers, depending on your current standing within FPL. Undoubtedly some of us need to take risks at some point; while most managers are happy to simply watch others take the plunge into the nerve racking world of a Suarez-less captaincy. With six game-weeks...Read More

Captains Picks Game-week 32

Captains Picks Game-week 32 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Back to earth with a bump this week then as it is a normal game-week with no bumper double hauls to fatten your fantasy accounts with. That does not mean it is any less important though. Perhaps more so in fact, especially when it comes to choosing your captain as there are no second bites of the cherry to soften the blow this time, should you do a ‘Moyes’ and get it so very wrong. While Suarez and to an extent Sturridge have made this an almost redundant article as of late, we would like to venture a slightly different take on the situation this week. Of course we will feature the aforementioned as they will most certainly be top of most peoples lists but at this stage of the season most managers will be i...Read More

Captains Picks Gameweek 31 Special Edition

Captains Picks Gameweek 31 Special Edition – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Welcome along to a Special Edition of Captains Picks. What’s so special about it we hear you ask? Well it’s not just that its a double gameweek and your captain selection will be crucial to this weeks success but more than that we have FPL royalty in the FF247 offices this week! This weeks captains picks are brought to you by the man of the moment himself, B-Bash. Many of you will be familiar with this unassuming chap from the boards as he chats away happily both giving out and seeking advice but he has a not so dark, not so hidden secret – he’s only in the running to win the bloody thing! We have chartered his steady climb this season which culminated in a season high of 5th plac...Read More

Captains Picks Gameweek 30

Captains Picks Gameweek 30 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League GW30 provides a whole host of potential candidates for your armband and it’s really a week that if you get it right, you will see your side climb up the leagues. On the flip side, getting it wrong may see some dreaded red arrows, so some thinking and work needs to be done. With Sergio Aguero’s injury last night putting off many a manager from including him this week, who is a decent alternative to the Argentinian – is it now Dzeko time? With Liverpool playing at Old Trafford will the Suarez or Sturridge debate be as prevalent as ever? Will the Garden of Eden again be smelling of roses for Hazard? Will Rooney continue his good run against the arch enemy? Or is Lukaku too obvious a skipper to ignore? We’ll attempt to answ...Read More

Captain Picks Gameweek 29

Captain Picks Gameweek 29 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League With just half a set of fixtures this weekend and the likes of Liverpool & Man City not involved in FPL action, the choice as to who to give the armband to is severely limited. No Luis Suarez or Daniel Sturridge debate to fret over – phew!! With a low scoring week in prospect, it is therefore vital to pick through the bones as to who may perform the best – not that the obvious choices always perform the best – for instance I don’t know anyone who selected Andre Schurrle in GW28! So let’s have a look at the standout picks and then see if we can identify this week’s Schurrle!

Captain Picks Gameweek 28

Captain Picks Gameweek 28 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Those that captained Daniel Sturridge over Luis Suarez in GW27 were reminded how rewarding getting your skipper choice correct is – while those that stayed loyal to Suarez were again left frustrated not only at him, but also at their own gutless behaviour – me included! Well, GW28 will provide the same dilemma for many, but with a few more supporters for Sturridge, I suspect! But away to Southampton is not the easiest, so let’s go through all the standout options.

Captain Picks Game-week 27

Captain Picks Game-week 27 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League After Liverpool’s demolition of Arsenal in GW25 we were all expecting them to rip Fulham a new one in GW26. Whilst the floodgates did not quite open to the extent that we all thought they would, Daniel Sturridge still managed to grab himself a goal, two assists and the full three bonus points for a total captaincy haul of 30 points to reward those who were brave enough to pick him over team-mate Luis Suarez. That little contest may well be the key to a satisfactory GW27 for many a manger again this week as Liverpool host Swansea. Elsewhere, Emmanuel Adebayor travels to a very much under pressure Norwich team, Man City are at home which is usually enough said while RvP gets a go at an increasingly frugal Palace rea...Read More

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